Winners of the 9th Annual "Chase" Essay Contest were; 1st Place — Anna Pham (Theodore Jones, Teacher Lindsey Jones), 2nd Place — Kyron Caldwell (Ida Burns, Teacher Emily Abram), and 3rd Place — Kaylee Shoemaker (Jim Stone, Teacher Molly Loop).

"Chase" Essay contest was started 9 years ago to continue the legacy of 13-year old Chase Potter who died in 2005. Chase was an avid writer himself, plus a runner and loved all pets. All 4th grade classes in Faulkner Co. are invited to submit essays on "How they would feel if they were a pet and had to depend on a human for their existence." There were 185 essays submitted this year. The founder of the contest, Nancy Rowell and others, then select the top 3 from all that were submitted.

The first place essay by Anna Pham;

It is a glorious morning. I am the luckiest dog in the whole entire universe! I have the most coolest name ever and I love it. My name is Passion. I also have the best owner ever. Her name is Kylie. She is AWESOME!

First of all, let me tell you about my owner. Kylie is the best owner in the whole world! She loves me a lot! I know that because every morning when I wake up I see a plate of delicious bones waiting for me. Also, if I’m very sick, my owner Kyle will take me to the vet even if it costs a fortune! When I go to the vet to get my shots, Kylie will make me feel better by telling me that I’m special. The thing I love most about her is that whenever I’m sad, she will pick me up, put me on her lap, and then pet me on the back. Kylie is the best owner ever! She loves me a lot.

Next, Kylie always tries to keep me safe. She will do anything to protect me. If there was ever a storm, she would pick me up and hug me. If there was a tornado, she would take me to her closet and bury me under her clothes. Also, if there were ever a robber in our house, she would tell me to hide under her bed and not come out until she told me to. That shows me that she would always protect me.

Last, my owner shows me lots of affection and attention. Every weekend, Kylie would take me to the dog park and play fetch with me. She doesn’t throw the stick very far because I could get lost. Also, she lets me sleep with her. Before I go to bed, she gives me a hug, good night. Also, if I’m bored she would turn on the radio and would both dance together in the living room.

Clearly, I love my owner very much and she loves me. I have the best life ever! Sometimes I wish that other dogs had my life. If every human being treated their pets like Kylie treats me, earth would be a happy planet.