A complaint may be in the works regarding Tuesday’s election.

Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge Rhonda Wood, who ran unopposed for the state Supreme Court, wrote an email to Faulkner County Election Commission members describing "a very negative incident" early Tuesday night in which an unidentified male poll worker at Conway’s Don Owen Sports Complex polling site "refused to post the results as required by A.C.A. [§] 7-5-527" after the polls closed.

This section of Arkansas law reads, in pertinent part, that after polls close poll workers must "expose the count" in the presence of anyone "who is authorized to be present." Poll workers must make three copies of the return record (i.e. the election results), one of which "shall be posted upon the wall of the polling room for all to see." 

According to Wood’s email to the commissioners, after she "made the gentleman [poll worker] aware of the law" this man "slammed the door in my face and told me that he could do whatever he wanted, refused to give me his name (I did get his vehicle license), and refused to wait for me to call a commissioner." 

"There was more to it and it was witnessed by several others," Wood also wrote. She claims this is the third time a similar failure to post results at county polling sites.

"Since this seems to continue to occur in Faulkner County, I have decided the best way to resolve it is to file a formal complaint," her email concludes.