Well I think the cold weather is behind us now! So far this week is looking like it will be pretty warm. Maybe everyone can get their yards mowed when it dries out. Mine is looking bad but first I have to get my lawn mower worked on. UGH! It is a non-ending struggle to keep your house and yard looking good.

School is drawing to a close soon. Last Friday night was the Guy Perkins Graduation for their Seniors. Congratulations to each one of you. Each of you has entered a new path in your life. Some will go to college, some won’t, but what ever you do I hope you make wise choices. Your future is in your hands take it and run with it.

I didn’t know too many of the graduates but I would personally like to recognize Zackary Hartwick and Gunner Williams, Courtney Hartwick and Ashley Hicks. I am so proud of all four of you for succeeding in life to make a good future for you. I wish you and all the graduates the best of luck in everything you do.

Also congratulations to Daniel Strain, grandson of Becky Gray, Eugene Rooney and Madean Strain and son of Jason and Terri Strain on his graduation which was on Saturday. Wow! Can’t believe that boy has graduated. He will be going to Oklahoma on scholarships! Great job Daniel!

Last Sunday afternoon Sandy and Dana Dowdy and I attended a baby shower for Gunner Reeves, at the home of his grandparents, Tena and Tony VanPelt. They are so excited and can’t wait for his arrival. Wow at all the beautiful decorations and food in his honor.

The Guy Fishing Derby was again a great success this past Saturday! Thanks to Joey Glover, Arkansas Game and Fish, First Arkansas Bank and city employees and other volunteers. To watch those little ones was priceless. My Landon fished his little heart out and didn’t catch a fish he was disappointed but was excited that he got a fishing pole. Every child that fished got a fishing pole and a certificate. The ones that caught the most fish and weigh-ins also got trophies and they also had drawings from entries too so everybody was a winner in one way or another! They all left with smiles on their faces. It looked like the girls outdid the boys in fishing. Everyone was treated with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and a drink. We do live in a great community! I have always said that you could not beat living in a community like Guy! I love my hometown.

Please keep the following in prayer, Joyce Jones and family, Darby Conley and family, all those that have lost loved ones, Betty Griffith, David Bearden and family, Mickey Fortner and family Monta and Mickey and family. I know there are others out there please let me know if you have loved ones that are ill.

School is almost out so watch those buses out there slowing down, if that red stop sign or flashing lights are on it is the law to stop even if it is five lanes. Children will be out of school and playing in yards so watch your speed too. Remember to not drink and drive! Don’t forget everyone as you walk out the door of your house every day to tell your mom, dad or loved one you love them because you never know, that could be the last time they will every hear it or see you again. We are not promised a tomorrow!

Herman Glover family had their Sixth Family Reunion last Saturday at the home of BF and Sharon Glover. There were 87 in attendance. They had a great time and it was good for the whole family to get together.

More families should do this! It seems as the older people pass on that families just dwindle away. Always too busy, other things get in the way. But they need to keep in mind that someday you will lose that parent or loved one and there is no going back once they are gone!

Have a great weekend and send news to or call me!


We have had a lot of good rain, and we thank God for this. He never lets us down.

I have a few announcements to make. The annual Goode Reunion will be held the first Sunday in June, on June 1, at the Holland City Park Community Center, there will be a potluck lunch at noon. Reva Stevenson said she was sorry that she didn’t get the letters sent out. Her husband Weldon is in Twin Lakes Health and Rehab located at Flippin, Ark. They hope to have a good crowd.

June 1 is also the annual Homecoming at Springhill Baptist Church. Everyone is invited. The singing starts at 1:30 p.m.

Then we also need to be thinking about the annual Faulkner County Singing Convention. It will be held at LifeSong Baptist Church in Greenbrier on July 25-26, Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday starting at 10 a.m. The public is invited.

Tomorrow, May 25, is the annual Homecoming at Oak Bowery Baptist Church at Saltillo. The old timers used to call it, "All day singing with dinner on the ground." The public is invited.

Remember to pray for our sick, and the homeless from the tornadoes. Our loving ways can make people want to know Him better.


Centerville United Methodist Church hosted a Dutch Oven Cooking demonstration last Saturday at Woolly Hollow State Park. Don Young led the demonstration and prepared more dishes than I could have ever dreamed and sparked a great interest in many for new ways to prepare food. He made pepperoni pizzas, nachos, s’mores, chicken with veggies, lasagna, asparagus, squash and zucchini, pineapple upside down cake, and then some biscuits. He was funny and had a vast knowledge of outdoor cooking tips from his time participating in Boy Scouts and attending cooking classes. I would say the rainy weather dampened the number of people who were able to attend the demonstration so we might have to have a repeat in the future.

Our kids were invited to camp with Rick and Lana Gartner last week end and many adults in the congregation decided to join in on the fun. Rick and Lana Gartner, Larry and Mary Ann Halsey, Darrel and I, and some long-time friends of the Halsey’s were able to stay. Brooke Butler stayed with Kaylee in the camper while all the boys stayed in a tent. Visiting adults were Erin Shaw and Doug Ray, who just couldn’t miss out.

Mark your calendars because it is almost time for the Centerville School Reunion, which is to be held in much of the same fashion as it was last year. The Reunion will be held on Saturday, June 28, at Centerville United Methodist Church. The church will again supply the lunch and will begin the festivities around 10 a.m. and we are hoping for a good turn out.

Remember that the next Remember When gathering for the H & W Store is scheduled for June 7, from 10 a.m. until approximately noon. If you are interested in participating in the event or know someone who is, call Shirley Pratt or Gail at 501-679-2001 or email me at and I will pass the information on.