VILONIA — First-graders at Vilonia Primary School surprised one of their peers recently by giving her a shower in the classroom.

Toys belonging to first-grader Claira Goza were lost when her family’s house was hit by the recent tornado — for a second time in three years. Parents were contacted and teacher Kim Reed helped students pull off the surprise.

Claira’s mother, Valerie Goza, said at the time of the tornado, they were at Saltillo Heights Baptist Church, where they attend. However, her husband, Jerem,y stayed behind at their house. In the basement of the church, Valerie said, they could hear the tornado causing damage. Her children, she said, were crying because "daddy was not with us."

The church, she said, also sustained damages.

While Claira opened the presents brought to her by the other children in the class, Valerie touted the praises of Reed. Several teachers, Valerie said, including Reed, came to her house and packed and loaded boxes following the tornado. "It is just amazing what a support system we have here," Valerie said.

Asked if she will move out of the district, she said, "No. We are staying right here."