The countdown for school to be all over is almost here. I know teachers and students are ready. Teachers are getting ready to close down their rooms till next year. People don’t realize that there is so much more that goes on in a school district or classroom until you have worked in the system that is for sure. My hat’s off to all teachers, clerical staff, paraprofessionals and administration, custodians, bus drivers, and it couldn’t happen without you. Hope you all have a great and safe summer.

At the VIP Reception for Awards and Recognitions I was sitting there listening to the speaker and she was saying this person nominated for the Steve Richmond Outstanding Volunteer Award has done everything there is to do in Special Olympics and much more. I was thinking that could be anyone in this room! And then she called my name, my mouth dropped and flew open. I was totally shocked and my table said hey Brenda that is you! I get up and Terie, State Director, said Congratulations Brenda! Would you like to say something. I said I am totally speechless thank you very much! She laughed and said this is a first, Brenda not having anything to say. Sandy is soon to be 40 years old and she started at the age of 8 in Special Olympics.

Lots of Kindergarten graduations coming up or that have already been done.

Landon will be promoted this week to the 1st grade. Wow how time flies by, my only grandson is growing up.

Well I have a 51-inch TV for sale. This is the TV I won for $1 several years ago. I think it needs a bulb that can be ordered from Sony. If anyone is interested, give me a call.

Hope everyone’s Memorial Day was a great day and that each of you honored our Veterans! If it wasn’t for our Veterans protecting us we would not have the freedom we have today.

Please keep the following in your prayers for the Martha Lou Barton passed away this past Sunday and was laid to rest on Tuesday and buried at Copperas Springs Cemetery. Joyce Jones, Wilma Stevenson, Betty

Griffith, Madeline Rooney, all the victims of the Tornado that hit Vilonia and Mayflower. They still need your help lots of work to still be done.

Send news to or call me!


Memorial Day Service at Oakland Cemetery was attended by 21 people this year. Mr. Charles Yarbro gave an inspirational talk honoring the Veterans who have lost their lives defending our country. Mr. Huey Craig concluded the ceremony by playing "Taps."

We wish to express sympathy to the families of a couple of my friends. Virginia Springer was a dear, sweet lady. She took care of my mother, Ola Sims, when she was a patient in the old Salem Place Nursing Home in Conway and Greenbrier Nursing Home in Greenbrier, too. Her service and burial was May 29.

Martha Lou Barton was a childhood friend of mine, we attended school together at Greenbrier. Her service was May 28. God took two more of His saints home.

Another family who has our sympathy is the Family of Mr. Pervis Farris of Vilonia. I have known his son and wife, Frankie and Jowayna Farris, many years. They are special people too.

Have a good week. "For the Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts," 1 Chronicles 28:9.