Conway is home to many hidden gems. Wonderful restaurants, beautiful boutiques and small businesses litter the streets of Conway, but what makes this small city unique are the people. One of these people is Krystal Barringer, a Conway transplant from Alaska.

"I like to switch things up, I move to a new place every six or so years," said Barringer, "but I love Conway. It’s been a great place for growth and opportunity that I wasn’t expecting."

Mother of two, Barringer uses her creative gifts to draw, paint, and design colorful, playful prints.

"For my daughters seventh birthday this year, I created a personal coloring book for her. It has all of her favorite characters and some of mine, of course. It should be a lot of fun," said Barringer, "it was on my bucket list to create a coloring book, so this was actually a dream come true and a great gift for my daughter, Skye."

Her art boasts bold colors and clean lines.

"It is upscale art that appeals to all ages," said Chris Harris, fan of Barringer’s art.

"I want kids to take my art to school. I guess I want to be the next Lisa Frank," said Barringer.

Under the artist’s name Tisiphonni, Barringer plans to bring art to the masses one print at a time.

"I have my art on display at the locals where people can see and potentially buy my prints," said Barringer, "I also have an Etsy account and Facebook page which have gained popularity these past few months."

Not just a print artist, Barringer is also interested in spreading her wings into literature.

"I have a friend in town that has written a children’s story. I’m going to be the illustrator and hopefully have it available for print in the next few months. It’s been on of my dreams to illustrate a book, so I’m very excited to work with him," said Barringer.

As a community artist, she has received a lot of praise from those who have seen and purchased her artwork.

"The first time I saw her work, it was because I noticed the colors from across the room. They were really bright, but warm, not overbearing. When I got closer the figures were amazing and brought a smile to my face. I had to have it, so I bought a couple of her prints," said Harris.

Beyond using the long lasting tools of an artist like pencils, pens, and paints, Barringer employs alternative methods to producing art.

"A lot of people are surprised when I tell them I doodle on my iPad. Some of my popular pieces started out in a digital format. The iPad offers versatility and a way to be creative without wasting paper," said Barringer.

Like many artists, Barringer, "started like most of us did; with a box of crayons. The thing is, she spent a great deal of time breaking those crayons and melting them on light bulbs to see what new colors she could make," said her biography.

Barringer discussed her endless need to create, "I guess I have a personal muse. When I don’t draw or paint I get restless and my hands virtually twitch. If I do have a muse, she’s ruthless and doesn’t want me to forget my talents," said Barringer.

To view more art by Barringer, visit her Facebook page or visit The Locals.