Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Motor vehicle theft at 2050 East Oak St.

A Conway man reported his Mazda Tribute was stolen while parked at a trailer at Keathley Trailer Park. The owner of the Mazda told the investigating officer he suffers from short-term memory loss and could not remember the exact date he left the car there or the trailer number. He did not know who lived at the trailer but said a friend who told him he could park there knew the residents of the trailer. The owner of the vehicle said sometimes he allows this friend to drive his car.

In the course of the investigation, police discovered the Mazda had been towed from Motel 6 after a couple in room 231 left it in the middle of the parking lot and got arrested for creating a disturbance. An officer talked to them in jail, and the woman said the vehicle owner’s friend allowed the couple to use the vehicle.

• Theft of services at 1095 Skyline Dr.

A Waffle House employee reported that two men ran out of the restaurant without paying for their meals, both of which cost $8.65. The suspects left in a gold Mitsubishi.

• Robbery at 3900 Dave Ward Dr.

A Walmart loss prevention associate reported that he was watching a man on security cameras who came into the store, walked down every aisle, picked up a few items and attempted to leave. The employee tried to stop the suspect, but the man pushed him twice and got away, leaving the store in a small white car.

• Residential burglary at the 2800 block of Dave Ward Dr.

A resident reported that someone apparently broke into his apartment, went through everything and stole his television. It was valued at $40.

• Motor vehicle theft on Third Ave.

A Conway man reported that someone stole his Honda motorcycle that he just rebuilt. It was valued at $4,000.