A man alleged to have stabbed his wife at an Arden Lane home on Tuesday morning died Tuesday afternooon, apparently of a stab wound to his own chest.

The man, identified by police as 28-year-old Branagen Davis, was suspected to have attacked his wife inside the home at around 10:30 Tuesday morning with a box cutter, according to information released this afternoon by Conway police. The woman was reported to be in stable condition at Conway Regional Medical Center.

The man was brought out of the home on a stretcher and covered in what looked to be a blanket at around noon today after about an hour-long incident that at first had the characteristics of a "standoff." Conway SWAT officers tried unsuccessfully to make contact with Davis, who they feared was "barricaded" in the home with a small child. The officers saw the toddler in a room by himself and were able to get the child out a few minutes before going inside and finding Davis with a stab wound to his chest, according to information from CPD public information officer La Tresha Woodruff. He died at Conway Regional. 

According to Woodruff, police responding to the stabbing were told by the woman that "her husband ... attacked her with a box cutter" and was still inside the home with their son. She told police that she "was able to defend herself by stabbing Davis with a piece of broken glass," a press release issued by CPD states. The victim also said that the attack came after she confronted him about "weird" behavior. Investigators were trying this afternoon to figure out if the wound that killed Davis was self-inflicted or a possible self-defense homicide, the release states.

Family and neighbors watched the ‘standoff’

Several neighbors and family members gathered at the police tape barrier about a block away from the home while what was feared to be a "standoff" was happening. They were worried about the woman in the hospital and the man inside the home, but mostly about the child they believed was still inside. "Thank you Jesus," one woman said when an officer carried the child away from the home.

These people were told by an officer a few minutes after the child was carried out that SWAT officers were going to be going into the home and that they might hear loud bangs, but that these wouldn’t necessarily be gunshots. Conway’s SWAT team has used explosives to blow out windows and open doors, and can also use stun grenades to distract or disorient a barricaded suspect.

‘Strange behavior’

According to a CPD incident report released on Monday, Davis was questioned at his Arden Lane home on Sunday by patrol officers about an odd incident over the weekend, and he admitted to getting into a woman’s car in a parking lot behind an East Oak Street restaurant and asking if she had any headphones. This woman told the Log Cabin Democrat on Tuesday that the man police identified as Davis in her incident didn’t make any direct threats and seemed polite and "normal," but the the situation was unnerving and strange. 

This woman wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue criminal vehicle breaking and entering charges, and when police questioned Davis on Sunday he said he just needed some headphones. The officer who wrote the report stated that they Davis that he wouldn’t be arrested at that point, but that it was possible a warrant could be issued later.