Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 1600 Clifton Street.

At some point between 5:30 and 8 on Monday evening a thief or thieves got into an apartment that the tenants were in the process of moving into and stole a student’s Sony Vaio laptop with the message "Work hard. Play hard. Have fun! Love Mom & Dad" engraved on it, a black wallet with the word "music" on it, a flat-screen TV, a little cash, a cell phone charger and a hair straightener.

• Vehicle break-in at 1300 block of McKay Avenue.

At some point between Monday evening and Tuesday morning a thief or thieves got into a car parked at a home and stole a purse with credit/debit cards, a gold engagement ring, another engagement band and wedding ring set, a set of gold and opal earrings, and a set of diamond earrings. All together, more than $800 in jewelry was stolen.

• Vehicle break-in at 1800 block of Washington Avenue.

At some point between Monday night and Tuesday morning a thief or thieves got into two cars parked at a residence, stealing a wallet and checks from one car and just sort of rummaging around and pilfering a cell phone charger in the other.

• Possible attempted residential burglary.

At some point early Tuesday afternoon a fiend or would-be burglar slashed a window screen, but didn’t get past the glass window of an elderly woman's home.

• Bicycle thievery at 400 block of Willow Street.

A man reported that he parked his bicycle by his front door and went inside his home for three minutes — three (3) minutes — early Tuesday afternoon. It was enough time for a bicycle thief to make off with a gray-colored Schwinn Sidewinder.

• Suspected indecency at Curtis Walker Park.

An officer on patrol Monday night was dispatched to a report that people appeared to be having sex at Curtis Walker Park off Siebenmorgen Road. The officer drove to the park just after 8 and noticed a man and a young lady sitting together on a park bench in a way described in the incident report that suggests, at the least, a reasonable suspicion of indecency.

As the officer drove closer in his patrol vehicle the young lady ran away without any pants, according to the report. She came back with pants on, the officer ran their IDs, both had misdemeanor warrants, and both were arrested for these warrants.

• Disregarding a traffic device/felony warrant arrest at Main and Front streets.

An officer noticed that a bicyclist failed to stop at the stop sign and initiated a traffic stop. The bicyclist was found to have a felony warrant out of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear on a burglary charge and arrested.

• Public intoxication at 1000 block of Donaghey Avenue.

An officer noticed that a young man wearing dark clothing was walking in a "wobbly" and "unsteady" way down the sidewalk at about 2:10 a.m. Tuesday morning with his thumb held out as though gesturing for a lift. The officer stopped to investigate, and the man said that he was walking to his home in the Beaverfork Lake area.

"Due to the distance he was travelling at night dressed in black, trying to hitch rides from strangers and his level of intoxication, I deemed him to be a danger to himself [and] transported him to [jail on suspicion of public intoxication]," the officer wrote.

• Misdemeanor warrant arrest at 2100 block of Harkrider Street.

An officer noticed a man walking a bicycle down Harkrider Street at about 4 a.m. and initiated a conversation. The man said he didn’t have any ID, but voluntarily gave his name and date of birth. The officer was notified that this man had a warrant out of the Sherwood Police Department and arrested him.

• Found property at 1300 block of Sunset Drive.

A landlord reported that tenants had apparently abandoned a rental dwelling leaving behind an unusual amount of stuff, including their hookah pipe, a syringe, and some rifles that turned out to be Airsoft-brand replica weapons.

• Harassing communications.

A local businessperson recently bought an advertisement listing their picture and cell phone number. Almost immediately a number of irritating and harassing texts messages started coming in.