Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Vehicle break-in spree in a neighborhood west of Gatlin Park.

A thief or thieves got into three cars all within about 750 feet of each other late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. From one they got a Magellan GPS and about $8 in change; from the next they got a wallet with credit/debit cards and about $100 in it; and from the third they got a Lenovo laptop and a bone-handled knife with a 4-inch blade. The reports don’t mention any broken windows or forced doors.

• Vehicle break-in mini-spree at hotels east of Walmart North.

Also late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning a thief or thieves got into two travellers’ cars by smashing windows and stole a suitcase with some clothes and blood pressure medicine in it from one and a TomTom GPS device from the other.

• Residential burglary at 300 block of Conway Boulevard.

A workman in the middle of a remodeling project went back to the home on Wednesday morning to find that a burglar had stolen all his tools — about $1,200 worth. 

• Residential burglary (?) at 2000 block of Keathley Drive.

At some point between Tuesday afternoon and just past midnight on Wednesday a burglar or burglars got into a home by kicking the back door in and stole three TVs: a 58" Toshiba, and 50" Panasonic and Toshiba. 

However, the officer noticed that the room where one of the TV was said to have been stolen from didn’t seem to have any furniture in it, and no impressions on the carpet where a table or TV might have been. In the next room alleged to have been burgled the TV was said to have been on a table, but the table seemed awfully flimsy for a big TV to the officer, and this table too had left "very slight" impressions in the carpet that "seemed inconsistent with a large TV having been on the table." The last room had an entertainment center that the 58" TV was supposed to have been sitting on top of. However, on top of the entertainment center was dust disturbed only by what looked to the officer to be a child’s hand, and no other markings to suggest that anything had been on top of it.

Taking these things into account, and thinking it suspicious that the only things burgled were three TVs from home furniture/appliance rental shops, and that there were late payments for one of the TVs, the officer asked the resident if they were very sure that burglars were responsible. The resident maintained that it was burglars. 

• Shoplifting at 855 Salem Road (Sally’s Beauty Supply).

At about 5:45 on Tuesday afternoon a man described as a young, slender white male with medium-length hair wearing a black shirt and what are described in the report as "tight jeans" came into the shop and asked an employee about flatirons. Then he put the flatiron in his pocket and ran out the door, leaving in a white Honda sedan with flaking paint, according to the report. 

• Bicycle thievery at 2800 block of College Avenue.

At some point on Wednesday a thief or thieves went into a man’s yard and took his son’s girlfriend’s bicycle, a white NEXT-brand 15-speed.

• Criminal mischief at 2200 block of Meadowlake Road.

At some point late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning a vandal scratched a piece of profanity into the door of a man’s car probably with the intent that the word carry the Webster’s definition of "a weak or cowardly man or boy." Then the vandal did it again, on the same door. The man told the officer that he had no idea who would have done it.