The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office had two calls Tuesday afternoon related to a "jury duty scam."

The scam artist is impersonating Chief Deputy Matt Rice with the FCSO, identifying himself as Rice, and providing the FCSO address.

FCSO Chief Deputy Matt Rice said the sheriff’s department deals with money transfer scams on a regular basis, but the scam artists typically don’t impersonate law enforcement officers.

Similar scams that identify local law enforcement officers have been reported in Pulaski County and Saline County.

During the scam, the caller tells the person they have a warrant for their arrest for failure to appear for jury duty.

They are instructed to buy a money card and then call the number back to speak with Major John Randall to give him the number from the cards to pay the warrant fee.

Randall has been with the FCSO for 14 years. He currently oversees the enforcement, detention, communication and internal affairs divisions.

Randall is not involved with this transaction.

After this is done, they are told they can then go to the Sheriff’s Office to be given a court date.

They are instructed not to contact the Sheriff’s Office until this is done or they will be arrested.

"The sheriff’s department would never ask for anyone’s card number or get money over the phone," Rice said.

The FCSO has been given several leads and are investigating this scam.

Citizens who receive a call in which they think may be a scam, are instructed to call the FCSO at 501-450-4914.

Rice said documenting as much information from the call as possible will help the sheriff’s office in their investigation.

"Any phone number would be helpful," he said. "Then call the sheriff’s department and we’ll take it from there."

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