On Saturday, June 21, at 9 a.m., Ruth Andre will lead a butterfly release event. South Fork Nature Center, located 40 miles north of Conway on Greers Ferry Lake, will host the event in front of Riddle Cabin. Ruth Andre comes to South Fork with four or five species of adult butterflies she has grown from eggs as well as butterfly eggs, larvae and pupae she has on hand and the foliage they live on.

No one will leave the South Fork woods on Saturday without knowing, understanding and seeing the stages of butterfly development. Ruth will bring many adult butterflies that have just hatched, butterflies that are cold and inactive and ones that have never flown for people to hold as they warm up, "get their wings" and flutter off into the bright morning air.

Following the butterfly release, Ruth’s husband, John Andre, a retired US Forest Service Burn Specialist) will lead a walk along South Fork trails as he discusses forest ecology, the importance of fire in the ecosystem and species of trees seen along the trail. The woods are alive and well with many species of trees, vines and shrubs that create the habitat for butterflies and other animals that call South Fork their home. This event at South Fork provides a great, fun time in the outdoors for everyone.

Bring a picnic lunch and drinking water and stay after the event. Picnic tables are available. No need to register. Just show up ready to have a great time. For more information and directions, visit southforknaturecenter.org.