This week marks the nationwide release of "Pickle Juice, Diamonds, and Football" by author Feather Linn. The book chronicles the life of Laura Jane Spindlewood where she operates in a world of routines and responsibilities.

Spindlewood manages her father’s baseball team, stays on top of her schoolwork, and when there is time, hangs out with her friend, Meredith. Analytical to a fault, the strawberry blonde never takes notice of the athletes surrounding her until one afternoon when she meets a football player who introduces himself as BJ. Drawn to him like a magnet, Spindlewood soon discovers that the mysterious person is hometown hero, and now NFL-rookie, Blaze Jenkins. Though their relationship is kept quiet for months, she soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a malevolent blogger obsessed with ruining Blaze’s burgeoning career. With rumors spreading like wildfire through the pages of "Pickle Juice, Diamonds, and Football," Spindlewood is compelled to make a decision that will stir up stories all over again. This time though, she hopes to be the one controlling the flame.