GrassRoots LawnCare, Inc. has been serving Faulkner County for 29 years.

If you are looking for a lawn care service to help you with your yard, then look no further. GrassRoots is proud to offer a variety of services, which include mowing, trimming, mulching, landscaping, chemical treatment, shrub chemical programs and more. The Company is family owned, and the people are friendly and hard working. The employees of GrassRoots would be happy to help you with anything you need for your yard.

GrassRoots was first started in June of 1985, and it is going even stronger today. Mark and Theresa Fenner are the owners. Mark started the business and had 18 customers in that first year. The company has gradually grown quite a bit since then and currently services more than 3,600 yards. 

Mark loves working outside. "I grew up on a farm," he said, "so I enjoy working outdoors."  

Mark also said that he enjoys working with people. The staff works together as a team, and has overcome many challenges together. "As the company has grown, it has been neat to watch our employees grow with it," said Mark. "Through all of the ups and downs and the rough times in the economy, we’ve still made it." 

Mark also wanted to thank his employees for all their hard work, and his customers for their business.

Throughout all its years as a business, GrassRoots has remained loyal to helping its customers with their needs. 

"Here at GrassRoots, we try to treat everyone just like we want to be treated," said Mark, "and we do our best to fix any problems that come up, offering good, quality service for a reasonable price." 

Mark said one of his favorite things about his job is getting to see the results after the work is finished. "It’s neat taking something that doesn’t look so good and making it look nice." 

No matter what you need for your lawn, GrassRoots would be a great choice to hire. They will be happy to assist you, and will work hard to give you beautiful results. 

For more information on GrassRoots, go to or call 501-329-9104.