After six long years, the short film "The Space Station" is finished.

The independent film set in New York City was shot partly in Conway and involved several University of Central Arkansas film students and graduates. Now the filmmakers have started a crowd sourcing campaign to raise funds for the film’s yearlong film festival tour.

Executive producer J. Casey Kucera said, "I’m happy, and I think it looks great. It’s 30 minutes long, involves over 200 volunteers and took six years to make. I’ve been pulling my hair out for a long time. It took a lot to make it happen."

The storyline is about a young woman who moves to New York City to start a career as a writer and begins dating a billionaire. The plot thickens when he invites her to vacation with him at his private space station. The film was written by a UCA student and adapted for film by director Michael Sutterfield, a UCA film graduate.

Kucera said, "We shot on the campus of UCA, at the Baum Gallery, at the HPER Center, Mike’s Place, at Michelangelo’s on the rooftop. We shot a lot in Conway, some in Little Rock and some in New York City. The story is all centered on New York City. We did some flyovers of New York City to make it more realistic."

The cast and crew experienced college graduations, new jobs, marriages, births, illnesses and the death of a family member during the making of the film, Kucera said. Combine all those factors with some very ambitious special effects, and you get a movie that took six years to complete.

"The Space Station" stars Amber Edens as "Juliet" and Stephen Perry as "Gary." More than 120 extras appeared in the film, and many UCA students worked on the crew.

The film also has a strong theme connecting abstract paintings to the characters, and it features the art of local artists, including well-known Conway artist Gene Hatfield.

Since filming "The Space Station," the filmmakers have gone on to do award-winning work. Sutterfield composed the soundtrack for an award-winning short film called "Pillow" which he collaborated on with two other members of the team from "The Space Station." Cinematographer Gabe Mayhan won a cinematography award for "Pillow" in 2011 at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, as well as "Best Cinematography" at two other film festivals. Miles Miller, assistant director and producer of "The Space Station," won an award for best narrative short for "Pillow" at the Oxford Film Festival in 2011. He won best director at the 2011 Little Rock Film Festival and other awards as well.

The crowd sourcing page,, gives supporters the opportunity to donate a few dollars. For a donation of $25 or more, donors will receive a copy of the movie. The funds raised will help the filmmakers enter film festivals, which Kucera said can get expensive.

"We’re trying to raise money to get us into film festivals all over the world. Entry fees on festivals are around $50, so if we submit it to 100 film festivals, the fees alone are going to cost a lot. Our first target is the Austin Film Festival, which is an Academy Award qualifying film festival. If you happen to win, you get to be considered for an Academy Award. It’s a lofty dream, but we’re going to shoot for the top and get as many accolades as we can. Hopefully some people will want to donate $5 or $10 to help us."

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