It was never intended to be a stately place, the parent house at the Conway Human Development Center, merely an uncomplicated and comfortable abode for visiting parents and guardians.

It’s that, of course, but there is so much more to the "triplex" constructed on the west side of the campus adjacent to the Visitation Center, another structure conceived by the CHDC’s Volunteer Council. This one too, is a testimonial to local citizens whose talent for raising money is prodigious and seemingly boundless, and whose affection for the clients of the facility is at the heart of its industry.

The Volunteer Council over the years has raised money for important projects on the campus situated adjacent to Siebenmorgen Road, projects not provided for by state funds.

When it was determined that the parent house would come in at more than $200,000 these Volunteer Council volunteers simply swallowed hard, bowed their backs and went to work raising the money. The house would be another important project that the men and women of the Volunteer Council would undertake.

And work they did, staging events that saw money come rolling in by virtue of walkathons, bowling tournaments, clothing sales and another lesser vehicles.

Money from other sources, particularly from parents, friends, and guardians of the 500 or so CHDC clients, was vital to the project.

At each monthly meeting, the Volunteer Council counted its blessings and the fund at hand and the total grew. It helped tremendously when local architects charged with devising plans for the house felt inclined to find time to offer their services at lower costs.

The original plan was drawn for the house to be used by parents and guardians. But when the plan was revised and a triple domicile was broached, it was readily accepted, meeting with favor by all parties involved.

Each part of the structure features identical floor plans with living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and stylish bathrooms that contain showers and other amenities.

The size of the houses is large enough to accommodate visitors in comfortable settings. The furnishings are tasteful, not gaudy. Air and heat add to the comfort of the units.

A feeling of peace and tranquility filters through the houses. The settings away from traffic and other noises make them ideal places for visits of families of CHDC clients.

The CHDC volunteers were in on all facets of construction, even to visiting local furniture stores and making purchases in Conway of all household attributes. Furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding, toiletries and such were purchased locally, often at favorable prices. With the accouterments in hand the volunteer council staff and other employees went to work furnishing the facility.

Overseeing all elements of construction has been Calvin Price, CHDC superintendent, who has followed the construction of the house diligently, aware of the fact that the project is a totally volunteer effort, thanks to people in Faulkner County and elsewhere who generously support the work at the CHDC.

An open house for the parents facility is scheduled for June 28 to coincide with a CHDC parents meeting, Price said. An open house for the public will be held July 1.