US Compounding Pharmacy of Conway is a locally-owned business creating life-saving medicines. Accredited through the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, US Compounding can provide the highest quality compounded medications for patients, physician clinics, hospitals and surgery centers. Pharmaceutical compounds range from sterile dosage forms and injectables to bioidentical hormone replacement therapies.

Owned by Eddie Glover and his children — Kristen Riddle and Sam Glover — US Compounding uses pure chemicals to create pharmaceuticals that can be administered through an injection, in an oral capsule or even in a topical cream for effective pain management. They work directly with physicians and patients to design a customized treatment plan, and also with hospitals and surgery centers. Drugs include pain management, veterinary compounding and hospital products.

"We take the actual chemicals and use a formula to make the end pharmaceutical product," said Eddie. "It’s based on what the physician has designed or requested. It’s custom medicine designed for the specific patient’s needs. We’re taking care of people from the East Coast to the West Coast and also meeting the needs of Faulkner County."

US Compounding can also step in if the supply of a particular drug is depleted for use in hospitals and surgical procedures. If a manufacturer is unable to fill the need (sometimes due to factory shut down or if they simply didn’t plan for the volume needed), US Compounding has the formula to create the drug quickly and effectively. Kristen is particularly proud of a drug they have helped produce for use with NICU babies.

Patient safety and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones at US Compounding, which has more than 100 employees — sales staff, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, lab staff, customer service, accounting staff and shipping. US Compounding is licensed in 49 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and is one of 55 pharmacies registered by the FDA.

Testing of the product is foremost in the compounding process. "Technology has changed greatly over the years," said Eddie. "Mixing pharmaceuticals — that’s been done since the beginning of time. Now, high-quality chemicals and technology are combined with the old practices of compounding and brought into the 21st century."

The 15 pharmacists are all trained in a different specialty and are assigned to patients/physicians based on that specialty. The patient meets with the specialist who then works with their doctor to create a treatment protocol. All techs and pharmacists add training beyond their initial licensure. "Our people set us apart. We believe we have the cream of the crop. It’s a family atmosphere," said Kristen.

Eddie said prospective clients are asked to consider before choosing a compounding pharmacy; quality of chemicals; the pharmacy itself (does it use state-of-the-art, high-tech, automated equipment); quality control.

Eddie has worked his entire 28-year career in Faulkner County, and the Glover family is committed to Faulkner County. US Compounding is currently working out of a 17,000-square-foot building at 1270 Don’s Lane (just off East Oak Street near Conway Commons). They are adding 12,000 square feet to be used for their customer service team and more lab space. 

For information, visit or call 501-327-1222.