Centerville United Methodist Church was full this past Sunday with over 70 people filling up the pews. Most of us were excited to witness a special surprise as our new steeple, which Lana Gartner drove all the way to North Carolina to pick up, was to be dedicated to Doyle and Grace Jolly. The dedication was top secret and we spent weeks planning how to pull it off. There is a lock box going into the steeple which contains items and cards from members of the congregation to be opened 50 years from now. Jasper Strain’s first shoes are in the box, which is appropriate since he was baptized earlier this year. Anyone who wanted to sign his or her name in the steeple was able to leave a mark in various colors. There are handprints of the kids and some adults on paper to be included in the lock box. We talked to the kids about how they would open the box in 50 years and it would be so cool. We planned to hold the dedication on potluck Sunday and celebrate. That was the plan as far as I knew.

Not only was the steeple dedicated to Doyle and Grace Jolly as their family and friends watched, but Doyle and Grace were also baptized. Doyle and Grace met on the lawn at Centerville for a singing and we have heard the story of how Doyle thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen as she rode up in the back of a truck. Doyle just turned 94 and Grace is 90. They have been married for 73 years and were baptized the same day the new steeple was dedicated in their honor at the same church where they met more than seven decades ago. I cannot find the words to express how wonderful it was to be a part of this or the surprise that I didn’t have a clue about it before it happened.

Brooklyn Cardin had a housewarming shower last Sunday since she is the proud owner of her first home. Her house is precious and she received many nice gifts to help her get started. There were folks all over the place, many from our community, there to hug her neck and congratulate her as she enters into the next phase of her life.

Howard and Scarlett Hall went with mom and me to see mom’s brother and his wife, Geoff and Linda Canten, in Scotland on Monday. We had a wonderful visit with them and were thankful for the opportunity to hug their sweet necks. I have never seen so many hummingbirds at one time and counted more than 20 were feeding by the front porch. As my summer is winding down, I am thankful for the opportunity to spend the day with family.


WOW! Take me out to VBS! at Guy Church of Christ was absolutely a great success.

The first two nights have been a great success. Monday night the 4-year-old class - Kindergarten had the most there and on Tuesday night the teens wiped everyone out with over 40 there. Way to go teens! Our attendance has really been great! The adult classes have been awesome, some great speakers and the fun part is watching the kids sing and have a good time. It looks like everyone was coming up to the plate to support our VBS. Matthew, you really did a great job in your skits to bring out the meaning of each lesson every night. Great job! You’re a born actor for sure and a great example for our youth to grow with! I took Dawson Watkins and Landon Dowdy to VBS all three nights and they loved it.

Happy 5th birthday to Peyton Mode! We have several anniversaries in the community and would like to wish them many more years to come: Chris (Boso) and Lynn Acre on the 6th and Curtis Lee and Sylvia Barton on the 8th.

Keep on your calendar for the 40th birthday bash on Aug. 30, Saturday of Labor Day weekend, beginning at 4 p.m. for Sandy Jo Dowdy!

This is your personal invitation to come join us for good food, share memories, good music and lots of fun. Even though her birthday is not until Sept. 23 we are celebrating early due to the fact relatives are coming from out of state. She is so excited hoping that all her classmates and friends come! If any of you have some pictures of your Senior trip with her in it I would like to borrow so that we can include them in our slide video. I will return them.

Please keep Scotty Poole and family in your prayers as they cope with the loss of Pooley. He will be missed by many. Also keep Barry and Dennis Conrade and family in your prayers as they lost their father Jack Conrade this week. Jack was married to Pat Hartwick, sister to Bogan, Jumpy, and Audrey Hartwick and Sue Passmore! Jack was one of those kind of people that would do anything for you if he could. I truly enjoyed spending time with Jack and Pat many, many years ago when those boys were little.

Please send me news to share with everyone. I know everyone went on vacation and did lots of stuff for the summer break! Send to or call 679-3299 or you can call my mom Betty Griffith after 6 p.m., as I will be there.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church held their VBS this past week too from Sunday night to Thursday night.

Have a great and safe week and drive safely, don’t drink and drive or text and drive. Both texting and drinking while driving can destroy your life, as well as your family and other families. Think before you act that is what God gave us the ability to do.

School starts on the 18th so watch those big yellow buses out there, they are carrying special cargo. When they have that stop sign out and those yellow flashing lights on it means stop. It doesn’t mean go around the bus it says STOP! For clarification this even means if it is two-lane or four-lane traffic. DO NOT GO AROUND THOSE BUSES!

Children may be crossing the street. IT IS THE LAW!

Please keep Wilma Stevenson, Betty Griffith, Clark and Wayne Stevenson, Haze Stevenson, Buford Treadway, in your prayers along with others that are sick or have lost loved ones.


Good morning! Every morning should be good, because each day belongs to our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The beginning of another school year is on us. It sure was a short summer. Time is just going too fast. Watch out for the big yellow school buses, and our wonderful children and grandchildren. My husband, Ray, doesn’t like to be on a road anytime, when the buses are running.

Ray’s vegetables are doing pretty good. If he can just keep the raccoons and opossums out of the garden. The tomatoes are not doing as well as usual. He thinks we might have got too much rain, but they are looking a little better now.

We wish to express sympathy to the family of Mr. Larry West of Clinton, Ark., who passed away and was buried last week. He was step-grandad of our two great-granddaughters, Shelley and Paige Ponder.

People have been asking when the International Shoe Factory reunion will be. It is the first Saturday in October at 11 a.m. with a potluck at the Naylor Fellowship Building on Highway 36. We hope to have to a good attendance again.

The Nelson Family singers will be at the Naylor Fellowship Building on Aug. 16. There will be an ice cream social at 6 p.m. and the singing will be at 7 p.m.

The Arkansas-Oklahoma Singing Convention will meet at LifeSong Baptist Church in Greenbrier at 6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 22, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, with a potluck lunch. Larry Hutson is the chairman of the convention. Freddie Mark Wilcox is the church pastor.

May God bless this convention as much as our last one.