Wildlife biologist Bob Tarter gave a fascinating presentation to a packed library of children this week. There were oohs and ahs when Rocco the black headed python was introduced. Some children were even invited to stroke the body of the five foot python.

Tarter owns and manages the Natural History Educational Company of the Midsouth (NHECM) and has been invited back to the Greenbrier Public Library for a few years because his program is so popular. He features a new wildlife program each year to meet their goal of providing unique experiences to many children of all grade levels.

As he brought out Calvin the Fennec Fox, he pointed out the largest ears of any mammal in relation to the body size and many children took photos on their cell phones. Calvin was a screechy little fox and the children were warned ahead of time not to worry because that was just his way of complaining about everything.

Tarter was very engaging with the children as he brought out a dwarf Caiman and a prairie dog, all the while giving lessons on geography and world cultures, life sciences and biology and environment and conservation. A few children spoke up with the names of the breed of animals along with other facts they said they had researched before his arrival. Tarter said, "Our primary focus is on education through an appreciation for wildlife and healthy respect for their welfare and our natural world."