As students and teachers went back to school, Mother Nature really warmed things up. The summer was milder than I have ever experienced in Arkansas and I have appreciated the cooler temperatures and maybe I shouldn’t complain. But it is hot and I am ready to welcome fall. Football season is here and the heat and humidity like we had last Friday night for the Greenbrier Blue and White Game just did not feel right.

My oldest sister, Mary Hall, celebrated her 51st birthday last Sunday and we celebrated with a lunch at mom’s house in Conway. There was quite a crowd and it was a good way to spend Sunday afternoon. The only wrestling mom had to deal with was Howard and David over the bowl of homemade cinnamon rolls. Mom has always made cinnamon rolls from pie crusts and they are worth wrestling for. A family as large as ours is always a full house and can be pretty entertaining.

H & W will again have a Remember When get together at the store on Sept. 6 for Centerville residents who want to share memories or listen to folks share theirs. The focus of the get together for September will be focused on memories of Lake Bennett, as well as other topics of interest that may come up. All seniors from the Centerville community are invited to come out and the event will begin at 10 a.m. For more information, contact Gail West at 501-679-4043 or Shirley Pratt at 501-679-2001.

This weather is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

Please keep the following in your prayers, Wayne Stevenson, Betty Griffith, Wilma Stevenson, Clark Stevenson, Scotty, Phyliss Poole and Lisa, and their families. We all have members of our families that are sick or have lost someone and it is not easy going thru this by yourself.

School is in session so watch those BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUSES! They will be carrying special cargo and when that stop sign and those flashing yellow lights are on that means STOP! Do not go around the bus! Even if you are in the 4-lane traffic! It is the law! So many times over the years that I have traveled to NLR to work, I have seen people not stop and passing the bus! I cringe and I have called it in if I could get the license number. Can you tell I work in NLRSD Transportation! But not for long!

I would like to say that I have truly enjoyed working in the NLRSD for the past 34 years. I will miss mostly the dear friends I have made over the years and hope that we can keep in touch. I especially would like to thank John Haynie, director of Transportation, for giving me the opportunity for working with him the last 10 years plus. I will miss him. You know when you work with someone they become your family too over the years.

I need news to put in my column so please send some news to or call 679-3299 or you can call my mom’s a most of you know I spend most of the time there.

On Aug. 23, Guy Church of Christ celebrated it Friends and Family Day and it was a success. We filled the Church that Sunday!

Sunday School 10 a.m. and worship at 11 a.m. We have a great minister, and you will love to hear him speak! Thanks for visiting and come back to see us again. Oh yes, thank you to each lady that made all those good homemade recipes everything was so yummy!

The Tarkington Family reunion was held last weekend. Friday night they went to the fish house and Saturday they met at Quitman Legion Hut. They had a great time and fellowship. They had relatives from Indiana and all over the state.

Lordy! Lordy! Sandy Dowdy will be 40 soon! We are celebrating early today at the Guy-Perkins Cafeteria at 4 p.m. We will have family from out of state coming in to celebrate with us. As everyone knows 40 years ago the medical field was not in favor of children with disabilities. When I first found out that she was Down Syndrome the doctor told me she would never be able to carry a cup of coffee across the room and just bluntly told me to put her in a institution.

Well as you know I told her I would prove her wrong and we have! We have been so blessed to have Sandy in our lives and we want to share this day with family and friends. We will have food, fun, lots of music. If you have a story to tell regarding Sandy you can have the opportunity to tell it too. Thanks to everyone for helping us make this a successful memory for our wonderful Sandy Jo Dowdy.

Have a great week and remember to please don’t drink and drive and to watch for those children when school is in session.

The Arkansas-Oklahoma Singing Convention was just great. We appreciate all the good help. The Log Cabin Democrat helped in our advertising. And we feel blessed. We had a large attendance with good singers and many talented piano players. Several states were represented; with five different music companies represented. Oklahoma really turned out great.

Beginning next month (Sept. 14), which is the second Sunday. Our Faulkner County Singing Club starts back up, and it will meet somewhere each month, where we are invited to come. We will meet at our church, Oakland United Methodist Church, here in Holland. We will start singing at 1:30 p.m. and adjourn at 3 p.m. The public is invited.

We dismiss our club singings in the summer months, so not to interfere with the homecomings. We dismiss from April until September.

One of our singing friends, Ms. Lorene Byrum of Atkins, passed away recently; she had an automobile accident. She attended our last county Convention. We miss her. She was a sweet lady.

Our annual International Shoe Factory Reunion will meet again this fall on the first Saturday, Oct. 4. We urge all that used to work there to please try to attend. It’s not a great number of us left. We will meet at 11 a.m. at Naylor United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall on Highway 36. It’s pot luck, and bring a friend.

Terry Cardin of Greers Ferry, and Ronald and Ginger Beene and De Anne, all of Enola, were recently visitors of Sunny Earnhart and Marian McGinty.

Pat (Patrick) Mooningham of North Little Rock visited Betty Applegate recently. Most of Betty’s family visited her over the weekend — Sandra’s family, Bre-Ann’s family, and Shawn’s family.

Last Sunday after church, and lunch, Ray, our son Danny, and I went driving and ended up at Quitman-Rose Bud, to check on our good friends, Dan and Maxine Strain. They are now staying at their son Ricky’s home. Their health is not too good. We didn’t know they were having Ricky’s birthday dinner; 55 years (still young). They are traveling buddies of ours and we miss getting together. We also got to see a lot of their family.

One night last week, we got to help celebrate our youngest great-great-grandson’s, Samuel Sellers, birthday, he turned 1. He had a ball, walking and getting so much attention. His mother, Amanda, gave the party at our house. His siblings, and grandparents, John and Sherry, and Ray and me enjoyed it.

Last Sunday, BreAnn (Toni’s daughter) had a meal and birthday party for her daughter, Aven, 20-something attended. Toni is Sandra Cardin’s daughter. Aven is 3 years old. They all enjoyed their time together.

Have a good week, we still have a lot of sick neighbors here.

Please be careful and watch out for those big yellow school buses.

God uses whatever we give.