Cold weather places homes at risk for frozen water lines and busted pipes, but these problems can be avoided by following a few cold weather tips.

Conway Permits and Inspections Director and Master Plumber Bart Castleberry said it is not a good idea to use external heating sources like heating lamps or stand-alone heaters to keep pipes warm.

"Preventing freezing will get you ahead of the game, but using external heating is a fire hazard." he said.

Castleberry said removing garden hoses from outside faucets as well as allowing indoor faucets to drip can prevent freezing and busting.

He said opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors will allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing, and closing open spaces like crawl spaces and garages will block wind.

"When any pipes are exposed, wind is a real enemy," said Castleberry.

If pipes burst, turn off the water at the main source or call Conway Corporation or your plumber for assistance, he said. If pipes freeze, call your plumber.

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