PERRYVILLE (KATV) — A Perry County youth baseball organization is out several hundred dollars after their office and concession stand was targeted in a weekend break-in. League organizers say damage estimates far outweigh what was stolen, which appears to be nothing.

Alex Crowder, president of the Perryville Youth Association, said he believes their building was burglarized sometime Saturday evening.

The burglar or burglars, going to great lengths to get inside – using a ladder to climb into a crawlspace, busting through a plaster ceiling to go through a filing cabinet. The burglar later pried open a thick metal screen to bust through the window into the concession stand, rummaging through the freezer – apparently on the hunt for money.

“It’s obvious they were looking for money, because we didn’t have anything else we can find that was taken,” said Crowder.

Crowder said, at the end of the day the association is looking at roughly a thousand dollars in damage, all for nothing.

“There’s no point in breaking into PYA,” said Crowder. “We do not keep money down there.”

The building has been broken into before but by a kid with a stolen key, according to Crowder. All that was taken in that burglary was some drinks and candy – Crowder says this break-in was much different.

“I look at it personally as they were just taking money from our kids,” said Crowder. “They weren’t taking money from me, it was coming from our kids.”

The cost to make repairs now has to come from their general operating funds, said Crowder. Several hundred dollars may not seem like a lot, but for a small youth baseball league it’s not always easy to come by.

“We always help; we help kids, we’ll help anybody that has need,” said Crowder. “It just feels like someone took that away from us. Had they come and asked us for help we might have offered it, but they decided to go another way.”

A local lumber company stepped up to help provide the baseball league with a new door, but they still have to replace a window and sheet rock.

No surveillance cameras exist at the ballpark, leaving authorities with very few leads. If you have any information about the break-in, you’re urged to call Perryville Police.