The Highway 25 project is expected to finish up by early August.

The project is an extension of Highway 25 that will connect it to Interstate 40.

"It’s going to be tremendous," County Judge Jim Baker said. "This is going to change the landscape of the portion of the county it serves."

The 1.1-mile extension is a nearly $10.8 million project designed to make a more convenient route will extend north from the interstate at exit 124, cross Blaney Hill and Friendship roads and tie into Highway 25 just north of Friendship Road, near Bearverfork Lake.

The relocation will straighten the alignment and connect Highway 25 to the Highway 64 Spur Interchange.

The city and county agreed to pay 50 percent of the cost and maintenance responsibility.

This will help alleviate traffic along Highway 65 and create a safer travel venue along Highway 25, Baker said.

"There’s no question that this will change the landscape for the county," Baker said. "If I had to drive that route, I’d be tickled to death once it’s finished."

The project is expected to be completed and open to the public by the first week of August.