If harvesting vegetables from your garden this summer, ideas on how to preserve that bounty might come in handy.

Centerville Community Group is offering a class for anyone interested.

Rick and Marsha Rawls will offer the class at 9:30 a.m. on July 29, 2017 at their home, 9 Laramie Road, Greenbrier. The session will focus on the art and science of fermentation and "Let’s Get Bubbling!" Instructor for this class will be Stacy Pierce, a regular group member. Stacy has been recently experimenting with making several fermented foods and would like to share her excitement about the process. Admission is free.

Fermentation is an ancient method of food preservation, dating back thousands of years to the construction of the Great Wall of China and likely even earlier. More recently in our grandmothers’ day, fermentation was standard practice for preserving the bounty of the garden in an age without refrigeration. Since the introduction of modern canning and freezing techniques, the everyday use of lacto-fermentation for food has been lost to most of our generation. In this beginning fermenting class, we will learn what fermentation is and what it does, how it affects our health, and the many ways to include fermented foods into our diet. If you already do fermenting, bring samples and recipes to share with the group.

Fermented foods provide so many health benefits. Renewed interest in probiotics and gut health has prompted many people to focus on fermentation once again, bringing crocks of sauerkraut, fermented pickles, kimchi and garlic to line our pantry shelves. However, fermentation can seem a little intimidating to the uninitiated cook!

To get to the Rawls home from the Conway area, turn right at the Taco Bell traffic light onto Hwy 225 EAST and continue about 8.5 miles, then turn right onto Happy Valley Road. Turn right again onto Laramie Road. Marsha’s house, 9 Laramie Road, is the second one on the left, (red brick, fence, gate, pond, etc). If you are coming from the Quitman area, turn left onto hwy 107 at the Cleburne-Faulkner County line, continue to the 107-225 junction. Then go straight onto Hwy 225 where Hwy 107 curves to the left. Turn left onto Happy Valley Road, right onto Laramie Road, then to Marsha’s driveway. Call Shirley Pratt at 501-428-5725 for more details or directions or Marsha’s number is 501-472-7686.