GUY — Guy-Perkins School District welcomed the community to a donkey basketball fundraiser for its FFA team Tuesday night.

Nathan Bowie, the school’s FFA director, said the event was among many fundraisers to help raise money to support the school’s FFA student’s upcoming trip to the National FFA Convention.

Guy-Perkins has sponsored this fundraiser for eight years, which brings in funds for FFA students to attend leadership conferences.

Senior Kelsey Stacy said Tuesday’s event was her first time participating in donkey basketball.

"It was fun — a good senior year experience," she said with a smile following Tuesday’s game.

Superintendent Shade Gilbert said the event was a great example of how Guy is community oriented.

"It was a wonderful event … to see the looks on everyone’s face during this wholesome event was great," he said. "That’s what’s so beautiful about small schools, being able to do events like this."

Students and their families filled the Guy-Perkins gym as FFA students trotted on top of their donkeys from one end of the basketball court to the other.

With just a short bit of training beforehand, Stacy said the game also posed as a team-building exercise.

She also said it served as a way to bring the community together.

"It helps bring the school together and the whole community," she said.

Bowie said there was a lot of work put in to making Tuesday night’s fundraiser a success, but that all in all, the event brought in nearly $1,000 for the school’s FFA students.

Much of that money was raised during the dessert auction, which was the half-time feature.

One dessert in particular, a chocolate pie, brought in $110.

Who bought it?

Mason Hudson, who is an agriculture instructor at Morrilton High School. Hudson is also Bowie’s stepson.

"My wife made that pie," Bowie said laughing. "My son-in-law bought that. The funny thing is, he could get one of them any time he wants."

Hudson said he was willing to pay the price to support the school’s students.

"I’m just out here supporting FFA," he said Tuesday night.

Bowie said FFA students are focusing now on their chicken sales to continue raising money to pay for their trip to the national convention.

The convention serves as a great benefit to these students, he said, noting it teaches them leadership skills and also demonstrates problem solving techniques and technical skills.