November 7


Kimberly Fitts and Lindsey Isom were pictured performing at Bob Courtway Middle School during the La Fiesta Orquesta Dinner fundraiser.

"Spilled Milk," a documentary about the struggles of Arkansas dairy farmers, took three awards and was shown at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the Cannes Market, the New York International Independent Film Festival and twice in Los Angeles. It was directed by Brent Bailey, written and produced by Kyle Denton, both of Conway.

Nancy Eastham, Faulkner County Circuit Clerk, was recognized for her contribution to the successful implementation of the Juror Program through the Arkansas Court Automation Project.


Peggy Russ, co-owner of Russ Furniture, was pictured hanging a Christmas tree ornament in Peg’s Corner, a gift shop located within the main store at 608 Oak Street. The gift shop featured a variety of handcrafted items and artwork created mainly by Faulkner County residents.

Brandy Strain received a Kodak Gallery Award in the portrait category for "Keena-African Princess" in an Eastman Kodak photography competition. Her father, Gary Alan Strain received Gallery Awards in two categories: "Special Moments" was recognized in the wedding category and "No More Brown Baggin’" was recognized in the commercial/industrial category.


An area lying mostly along Highway 60 west (both sides) from Farris Road to a point west of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and also an area west of the SCA campus would be annexed to the city. An area between Farris Road and Salem Road on the north side and the Conway Country Club property were exempted.

Dr. Ashley Coffman, who had been connected with the Hendrix College Department of Music for 26 years, and Homer Brown, director of the SCA Band, were given distinguished service awards at the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association convention.


Price Administrator Leon Henderson issued new price controls on potatoes, onions and turkeys.

J.C. Penney was displaying pictures of Conway and Faulkner men in the armed services on the large show windows of the store. The store had filled one of its three windows but was asking for more to voluntarily be brought in for display.

Citizens of the Mt. Vernon community repaired and surfaced the road from the business section to the school building. The county judge provided the machinery. School boys helped operate the rock crusher and stone was placed on the ground by men of the community.


Postmaster H.B. Ingram did not intend to go possum hunting when he drove his car into the garage, but he noticed a small animal that turned out to be a healthy sized possum of the chicken-stealing variety. Mrs. Lincoln had been missing several of her fine chickens, and from the size of the possum, it must have enjoyed several chicken meals. Mr. Ingram donated the large specimen to the zoo of Sharpe Dunaway.