From Conway Police Department reports


Police were called to a pain clinic on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 4:30 p.m. about a patient of the clinic who was creating a scene. The reporting officer arrived and spoke with an employee there, who told him the man who created the problem had already left.

The man was angry, the woman explained, because the clinic refused to treat him any further. He had come in that day and been tested only to fail a drug panel. (A "panel" is the name given for a drug test which covers more than one drug, such as PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines and so forth. The number of panels is the number of drugs types in the test.) Having failed the man was released as a patient as he could no longer continue with the clinic’s program.

This made the man very upset and he began to yell and curse at her, the woman told the officer. He then left, his last words being "I’ll be back" before getting in his car. The woman described the car, including its license number, to the officer.

The woman was concerned the man would, in fact, be back, especially in light of the clinic having issues with him in the past. The officer arranged for extra patrols for the business, as well as explaining to the woman how to receive an escort from police, should one be needed.

She was given a report number.

Speaking of screaming

An officer on patrol pulled up to an apartment complex on Donaghey, having received a complaint of a disturbance taking place there. It was Thursday, Nov. 2, just minutes from 2 p.m.

As the officer pulled up he saw a man on the ground out front of the apartments, arms in the air, yelling at several people outside a particular apartment. The officer survey the situation and then put the yelling arms-in-air man in handcuffs while he sorted out the nature of what was taking place.

He spoke with a man from the group outside the apartment door. The man told him the yelling man had been doing just that for some time, and they had been asking him to leave. He instead stood outside and challenged all who would speak to him to a fight. He was also, the officer was told, saying things which made no sense whatsoever.

The officer got a statement from the man and took the yelling man to jail. The officer was unable to get mugshots of the man, the report concluded.

Screaming, now with fingers

It was 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2, when police were called to the Pizza Inn on Hogan Lane. A woman there was concerned about terroristic threatening. The officer arrived and spoke with a woman there. She said it wasn’t her who called, but she know what happened and could bring the officer up to speed and let him know why police were called.

She had, she admitted to the officer, given another woman "the finger" while they were driving on Prince Street, she having pulled into the other woman’s lane. After doing so she turned on to Hogan Lane, she explained. She was unclear, the officer noted, if the second woman followed her to Pizza Inn, where she worked, but there was, he continued, a "verbal argument" in the restaurant’s parking lot between the two drivers.

The second driver was upset, the officer was told, that her daughter, who was riding with her, saw the "obscene gesture" being delivered.

The second woman (the second driver) was at an auto repair shop next door, and the officer went there to speak with her. She told the officer the first woman was "very obscene" with her, and it was her "vulgar remarks" in front of her daughter which prompted her to call police. She provided the officer a voluntary statement, and the officer gave her the report number and warrants information.

The officer returned to the first woman to get her statement, but the woman stopped before the statement was finished. The partial statement was included as part of the report. The woman was "very uncooperative with me during the investigation," the officer reported.