Conway voters approved levying a three-eights of 1 percent (0.375 percent) sales and use tax that would generate around $5.1 million per year for five years and sunset on March 31, 2023 to improve city streets.

"Whether you’re a family looking for a new place to call home or a small business owner looking for opportunity, tonight’s results leave us better prepared to keep our promise to be the best city in central Arkansas," Mayor Bart Castleberry said after the results were announced.

The final, unofficial results show nearly 59 percent of the voters — 2,094 — voted in favor of the tax while a little more than 41 percent — 1,484 — voting against it.

David Crow, who opposed the tax, said he was disappointed with the result.

"We are disappointed in the vote. Obviously we wanted a different outcome but the people of Conway have spoken and want their streets repaired and maintained, as they have been over the years," he said. "It is our hope and prayer going forward that the City Council and Mayor will be more accountable and more transparent when spending our tax money starting with full accounting of new revenue and expenditures of these new tax dollars."

The city will start receiving the funds in June 2018. Street and Engineering Director Finley Vinson said the tax would raise around $2.5 million in 2018 that he recommends focusing on overlay projects including:

• 6th Street from Harkrider to First.

• Prince Street from Western to Parkway.

• Wasson Road from Stanley Russ to Mill Pond.

• Lower Ridge Road from Azalea to Longitude 92°23’16".

• Country Club Roadd from Latitude 35°05’14" to Dave Ward.

• East German Lane from Wills to Oak.

• Museum Road from Little Creek to Oak Street.

• Roundabout from Bruce to Farris.

• Tyler Street from Salem to Washington.

• North Donaghey Avenue from Washington to Tyler.

• Siebenmorgan Road (Arkansas Department of Transportation Right of Way) to East German.

• Bob Courtway Drive from Little Creek to Oak.

• Exchange Avenue from Runway to Bronnie.

• Favre Lane from Salem to Donaghey.

For a complete list of planned improvements with the tax, visit