Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Aggravated residential burglary at 600 block of 4th Avenue.

An officer responded to reports of a disturbance on Sunday afternoon to find a man standing in front of his residence with a bleeding cut on his head. The man said that he was asleep when a burglar got into his residence. When the man woke up, the burglar, who was dressed in black clothing and a black hood, was throwing his clothes around as though looking for something.

The burglar pointed a gun at him when he got up, the man said, and hit him in the head with the gun during a struggle and ran out of the residence. Nothing appeared to be stolen, the man said. 

• Residential burglary at 3100 block of Ashley Drive.

At some point between 11 a.m. and just past noon on Monday a thief or thieves got into a man’s residence and stole two generators from the garage — one of which was a Champion 3500 — and then kicked in the door leading from the garage into the home and "ransacked" it. Among the stolen property were several firearms: a Belgian-made 12-gauge Browning A5, a J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. 12-gauge side-by-side hammerlock, a pump-action Remington .30-06, a Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver (looks like a Colt’s Single Action Army), two Thompson Center muzzle-loaders and an unknown-make .22 rifle. The thief or thieves also stole a DVD player, about $200 in change in a jar, a stereo system and a 48" Sony TV.

• Residential burglary at 500 block of S. Donaghey Avenue.

At some point between noon and 1 p.m. on Sunday a thief or thieves got into a residence and stole a white Apple iPad, about 20 Xbox 360 games and about $200 in quarters and the container they were in, which looks like a red six-sided die. 

• Theft of property at 1900 block of East Oak Street.

At some point between late Sunday night and Monday afternoon a thief or thieves got onto a man’s property and stole a Stihl string trimmer, a Shindaiwa string trimmer, a Stihl 18" chainsaw and a pole saw of unknown make. 

• Theft of property at 2000 block of Rich Smith Lane.

At some point between noon on Thursday and Saturday evening a thief or thieves found a package on a woman’s doorstep, took the eight or nine Aeropostale T-shirts that were in it (school clothes for her son), and left the empty package on the doorstep.

• Forgery at 1155 Skyline Drive (Walmart).

A cashier found another fake $20 in a register on Sunday, and on Friday a woman came in saying that she’d gotten a fake $20 when she cashed a check there.

• Theft of property at 600 block of Skyline Drive.

At some point between 4 a.m. on Saturday and early Monday morning a thief or thieves stole a trailer belonging the Rogers Group that was loaded with about 30 traffic barrels and some traffic cones. It’s a 16-foot dual-axle.

• Vehicle break-in at 1900 block of Independence Avenue.

At some point Saturday night or early Sunday morning a thief or thieves got into a woman’s car and stole a Memphis Audio 1,000-watt amp. They left the speaker box it was attached to in the neighbor’s yard.

• Vehicle break-in at 2800 block of Dave Ward Drive.

While a woman was inside buying gas Friday evening a white male wearing a light green T-shirt, gray pants and carrying a bookbag got into her car. She caught him rooting around and confronted him. He ran, dropping the woman’s cell phone on his way out.

• Vehicle break-in at 300 block of S. Donaghey.

At some point between 10 p.m. and midnight Saturday night a thief or thieves got into an unlocked car and stole a wallet containing Saudi ID, a UCA student ID and a Regions Bank card.

• Unattended death.

A woman called her neighbor last week, according to the report, to say that she thought she was having a heart attack and needed to go to the emergency room.

"[The neighbor] said he told her to call him when she was ready and he would take her, but she never called him," the report states. "[The neighbor] said he knocked on her door and when she did not answer he figured she went to the ER with someone else." She was found dead in her residence three days later.