Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 300 block of Radcliffe Drive.

At some point between Thursday and Saturday evening a thief or thieves got into a woman’s home and stole a Smith & Wesson handgun chambered in 9mm, a Dell laptop computer, a HP computer two Samsung TVs (one 32" and one 24") and a 12" Kodiak TV. The house might have been left unlocked.

• Residential burglary at 2900 block of Saddletop Road.

At some point between Friday evening and before dawn on Saturday a thief or thieves got into a house by forcing a door open and stole an iPad Air, two pairs of diamond earings, a small metal safe, a 19" TV and an Xbox 360 Modern Warfare II edition gamebox.

• Breaking or entering at 2655 Prince Street (Church of Christ).

At some point between Wednesday night and Friday afternoon a thief or thieves got into the church’s storage shed by knocking the door completely off and stole a green John Deere lawnmower and a Stihl string trimmer.

• Storage unit break-in at 2700 block of Garden Grove Drive.

A woman reported that a thief or thieves had gotten into her storage unit, probably several times, between the middle of last month and Wednesday night. Her purse with the key to the storage unit and a passcard for the storage facility gate was stolen in a vehicle break-in, and the thief or thieves used these to get in.

• Forgery at 855 Salem Road (Kroger).

At some point between dawn on Friday and Saturday afternoon someone passed a bogus $100 bill. CPD has been dealing with a host of counterfeit money cases this summer.

• Fleeing.

Police were looking for a man driving a black Oldsmobile after a reported domestic battery incident Friday morning in which the man allegedly crawled through a woman’s window and attacked her. An officer parked where he could see traffic coming and going from the man’s residence and eventually spotted a car matching the description.

The officer was able to get close to the car in a parking lot and stopped with his blue lights activated, got out of his car, and ordered the man to stop his car. The man sped away.

According to the report, the officer’s pursuit was hindered because his patrol vehicle’s engine was cutting out. Other CPD officers and eventually Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office deputies were able to track the man to home off Friendship Road north of town. The man was holed up in the home’s attic, but eventually he fell through the ceiling and was officers below arrested him on suspicion of domestic battery, fleeing, burglary and on unrelated warrants.

• Tip jar thievery at 1035 Skyline Drive (Starbuck’s coffee).

The Starbuck’s on Skyline drive has been having a problem with a white male in his mid-20s "stealing the tip jar out of [a barrista’s] hands while she holds it out of the drive-thru window for customers to tip them," according to the report.

On Friday afternoon, the tip jar thief was back at it. He lurked beneath the ledge under the drive-thru window until he had an opportunity to swipe the tip jar, and made off with the jar and about $10. He was last seen pedaling away on a dark-colored bicycle.

• Possession of a controlled substance at 10 block of Meadowbrook Drive.

An officer noticed that a car didn’t have the little light that lights up the license plate shining on Friday night and pulled the car over. The officer noticed that the driver seemed nervous even though the officer told him that "the license plate light was not a big deal" and that he would be getting a ticket.

• Vehicle break-in at 600 block of Westhaven Drive.

At some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning a thief or thieves got into a car and stole a purse. Some of the purse’s contents were found along Prince Street by a member of the Soaring Wings running club, and the thief or thieves had used credit/debit cards at a Conway Walmart.

• Vehicle break-in at 1800 block of Hogan Lane.

At some point between Friday night and Saturday afternoon a thief or thieves got into a man’s car and stole a Kenwood CD player. The car was left unlocked.

The driver declined to give permission to search the car, at which point the officer called in Dax, one of CPD’s police dogs, to have a sniff. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that there is no reasonably expectation of privacy in the air around one’s vehicle for the purposes of search and seizure law, and in subsequent cases Justices have held that whether the sniff is permissible under the 4th amendment depends, in part, on the reliability and training of the dog.

Dax indicated that he smelled dope, according to the report, which can support a probable cause search for contraband. There was a little over an ounce and a half of suspected marijuana in the car’s console. The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony possession with intent to deliver.

• Pizza assault at 800 block of Amity Road.

A pizza delivery lady made a delivery to a hotel room where an Oklahoma man was staying Friday evening. The man said that he had paid over the phone, but the pizza delivery lady didn’t have a record of the payment. The man cursed the delivery lady, snatched the pizza from her, and then threw it back in her face. She told police she was afraid the man was going to hurt her, and an officer dropped by his room to explain that a report of possible assault would be made. The delivery lady was advised on how to seek charges.

• Criminal mischief at I-40 and Oak Street.

A motorist reported that a group of children was throwing rocks at cars driving on the eastbound on-ramp.

• Criminal mischief.

A woman reported that someone had put sugar in her car’s gas tank sometime last week. When she went to gas up, sugar "spewed out," according to the report.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive.

A man allegedly wore a pair of running shoes out of the store on Sunday afternoon. When a store loss prevention employee tried to stop him, he took off on foot. Police found him at the McAlister’s restaurant a few minutes later and arrested him on suspicions of shoplifting and for a warrant out of Independence County.

• Indecent exposure at 2310 Robinson Avenue (Laurel Park.

A woman noticed that a man walking on the park’s trail seemed to be pleasuring himself at about 8 in the morning on Sunday. Police searched the park and couldn’t find him, then drove around the area looking for him. He was spotted on a nearby street and arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure. A search of crime databases showed that he was on probation from a previous indecent exposure conviction. His probation officer told police to take him to jail for probation revocation proceedings.

• Found property at 1100 block of Old Morrilton Highway.

An officer was at Ihop when a citizen handed him a found wallet. It belongs to a Mr. S. Johnson, and is being kept at the police station as found property.

• Theft of property at 1100 block of Ingram Street.

In the past several weeks a thief has stolen three bicycles belonging to a boy. The boy’s mother said that she saw a tall, skinny teen riding what might have been one of them on Pine Street near Factory Street recently.