Organizers of the 6th annual Conway EcoFest invite community members to an informational and recruitment meeting Tuesday, Aug. 26, at the Faulkner County Library  from 7–8 p.m.
“We need more volunteers to assist in this educational event concerning environmental awareness,” Treci Buchanan, event co-coordinator, said. “This meeting offers people an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of EcoFest’s mission,” she continued, “and to see where they might help as volunteers.”
            EcoFest is geared toward people of all ages and with all skill sets. Attending this meeting will allow potential volunteers to see where they fit, and how best their skills can be utilized to promote sustainable living solutions. Just as everyone has a role in reducing environmental damage, everyone also has a place in this event.
            “Curiosity is key in cultivating a society that recognizes connections between the environment and those who live in it. By emphasizing the importance of an individual’s role within a community, it becomes clear that one person making a difference really does matter,” Buchanan noted. “Join us Tuesday, to find your fit this year at EcoFest and help cultivate,” she concluded.
            For more information, please visit or "like" the event on Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram, or call Debbie at 501 472-0901. The library is located at 1900 Tyler St. in Conway.