Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 3300 block of Old Morrilton Highway.

At some point between Sunday and Wednesday a thief or thieves got onto a man’s property with two empty houses and several broken-down vehicles on it. The thieves jimmied the doors to the houses and got into the cars and a storage shed. The houses were mostly used to store things. The following property was reported stolen:

An uninstalled Whirlpool-brand under-cabinet microwave, three new oak cabinets uninstalled and in boxes, seventeen boxes of new 4" x 4" tile, a 6hp Craftsman shop vac, a Craftsman shop charger, 20 feet of metal shelving, three walk-behind string trimmers, a Craftsman mower, four pneumatic nail guns, two treadmills and a stairclimber machine, a rowing machine, six "rounder" clothing display racks, an AC unit, 5-ton and 15-ton jacks, whatever copper pipe was under the house, a pallet-load of rusted electric motors, a picture the man said was worth $150 and some scrap metal. All told, about $15,000 worth of property was reported stolen.

• Residential burglary at 1800 block of Salem Road.

At some point between 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday a thief or thieves got into a man’s residence and stole a Visa credit union bank card, a social security card and the title to a Dodge Ram.

• Funny business.

A man contacted police to tell them that he’d been contacted by some sort of con man. On Wednesday someone with a foreign accent had called the man and said they were from the IRS, and the caller ID showed an IRS number. He had to pay several thousand dollars, the caller told the man, or they’d call the police. The man wasn’t convinced. A few minutes later someone with a similar accent called again and reiterated the threat. This time the caller ID showed that the call was coming from the Conway Police Department (this is called caller ID "spoofing" — the kids use it for prank calls and the like and con artists use it in their scheming).

The officer who took the report called an IRS representative at the first caller ID number who said their office hadn’t called anybody in the Conway area at the time the bogus calls were made, and that even if they had the IRS’s catalogue of threats doesn’t include calling local police.

The IRS representative also told the officer that IRS offices have been getting calls about this sort of scam too.

• Found property at 2800 block of College Avenue.

A man called police Wednesday evening to report that he’d found an abandoned, possibly stolen bicycle behind his apartment. The bike is a 26-inch Roadmaster Granite Peaks model, purple in color. It’s being kept in CPD’s evidence room.