Conway police have released their report of the accident that killed 28-year-old Conway resident Lauren Dunn on Monday. 

Dunn was stopped on her Yamaha scooter in Harkrider Street’s inner northbound lane  trying to turn left onto College Avenue at about 12:40 Monday afternoon. This is a busy intersection, especially during the noon-hour rush, and there is no turn lane. She was rear-ended by the driver of a car who, according to witnesses, didn’t brake for the stopped scooter. 

Witnesses also described Dunn being thrown off her scooter and landing on top of the car that hit her. The car travelled more than 400 feet after hitting the scooter. 

"People were running after [the] car screaming for [the driver] to stop," the officer wrote, based on witness statements. 

"Due to the seriousness of the crash," the report states, the driver of the car was taken to Conway Regional Medical Center for a blood draw. This driver was cited for careless/prohibited driving.

Dunn was taken by air ambulance to a Little Rock hospital, where she died Monday night. 

According to the report, the driver told police that she was driving "regular speed, as always," when "out of nowhere a motorcycle hits her vehicle." Damage seen on the car was to the middle of the front bumper/grill.