There was more than the unsual amount of burgling over the holiday weekend, including two burglaries where more than 10,000 in property including valuable jewelry was stolen from west Conway houses about a mile apart. 

Among burglary reports recently generated by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 3600 block of Emery Cove.

A witness reported that two white males left the home in a black truck around 3:30 on Thursday and, not recognizing them and suspecting they were up to something, called police. An officer arrived and saw that a thief or thieves had gotten into the house by forcing the back door open. Among the items stolen, according to the report, were about $3,300 on Sony TV/blue ray equipment, a $5,000 gold necklace with diamond pendant, a $6,000 platinum bracelet and a $10,000 antique necklace with matching earrings.

• Residential burglary at 5200 block of Tennyson Drive.

About a mile a way form the Emery Cover residential burglary, a thief or thieves got into a home sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon and stole a $250 oval diamond ring, a $250 purple amethyst emerald ring, the Conway Corp modem, about $4,000 worth of ladies clothing, $5,000 worth of furniture, a $2,000 mattress, two Panasonic 32" TVs and a $500 painting.

• Residential burglary at 3400 block of Irby Drive.

At some point between 5 and 10:30 p.m. on Saturday a thief or thieves got into an apartment and stole two 32" TVs (one a JVC the other unknown), a Nintendo Wii gamebox, about $50 worth of clothes and a $95 pair of Air Jordans.

• Residential burglary at 1400 block of S. Donaghey Avenue.

At some point between Thursday night and late Monday morning a thief or thieves got into two adjacent apartments and stole a 50" Toshiba TV and an Xbon 360 gamebox from one of the apartments. It wasn’t clear what might have been missing from the other, according to the report.

• Residential burglary (attempted) at 1000 block of McNutt Road.

At some point between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Thursday a thief or thieves tried to get into a door apparently by using some sort of pry-bar, but they couldn’t get it to work. A witness said that a white or Hispanic male was pacing around in the home’s backyard that morning.

• Commercial burglary at 1000 block of McNutt Road.

AT some point between Saturday afternoon and late Sunday morning a thief or thieves got into a mobile home park’s business office by smashing a window and generally ransacked the office, trying unsuccessfully to smash an interior window and kicking in an interior door. The thief or thieves caused about $7,000 worth of damage in the process of stealing $35 cash from a worker’s desk. An officer got a good finger print off a piece of glass.

• Commercial Burglary (attempted) at 1117 Oak Street (Painted Table).

A few minutes before 1 a.m. on Friday the restaurant’s manager and lead server heard someone banging on a door in the alleyway. The would-be burglar had a go at a glass door to another business by slamming a bench into it, but the glass held. Some blood was left behind, probably belonging whoever was trying to burgle.