Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 400 block of Robins Street. At some point between 8:15 and 9:45 on Friday morning a thief or thieves got into a woman’s home by forcing the front door open and stole a 32" Westinghouse TV, a Kindle Fire in a red case, a Panasonic radio and a good deal of prescription pharmaceuticals.

• Residential burglary at 1700 block of Caldwell Street. A woman got up and went to work before dawn on Thursday and came home that afternoon to find her door unlocked. A thief or thieves had gotten in by smashing a window and stole a 42" LG TV and a 32" Vizio TV.

• Breaking or entering at 1700 block of Old Military Road. At some point between Friday and Sunday afternoons a thief or thieves got into a woman’s storage building, rummaged around, and stole at least one gun that had been left there, though the woman wasn’t sure what brand or model at the time the report was written.

• Theft of property at 1700 block of Donaghey Avenue. At some point between Saturday and Tuesday a thief or thieves apparently took a Kel-Tek 9mm handgun from a man’s home.

• Motor vehicle theft at 300 block of South Donaghey Avenue. At some point Friday night a thief or thieves took a woman’s 2004 Jeep Liberty, black in color. According to the report, police may have reason to believe that the vehicle may have been in the Billy Goat Mountain area of Faulkner County or headed to a "chop shop" in North Little Rock.

• Vehicle break-in at 1100 block of Gum Street. At some point between around noon on Saturday and Wednesday afternoon a thief or thieves got onto a storage facility property into a man’s motor home by smashing a window and rummaged around in cabinets and couch cushions. They didn’t seem to have taken anything. A fingerprint was lifted off of a drinking glass that a thief had apparently pawed.

• Vehicle break-in at 1800 block of Hogan Lane. At some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning a thief or thieves got into a woman’s truck by smashing a window and rummaged around. The victim told the investigating officer that thieves got into her car not too long ago and found some cash in the center console. "They may have come back to see if she had money in [the] console again," the report states.

• License plate thievery at 2900 block of Joanna Drive. A man heard his dog barking at about 3 a.m. on Saturday, and woke up to find that a thief or thieves had stolen the license plate off of his trailer.

• Theft of property at 2700 block of College Avenue. A thief or thieves stole a woman’s iPhone 4s from her place of business on Friday. Using an app that can track the phone, the woman was able to figure out that it was on Farris Road, probably on the ground somewhere. The officer was looking for it when the woman notified him that the phone was moving slowly north, headed toward Bruce Street.

The officer saw a pedestrian in the area where the phone was tracking and asked her if she had found a phone. The pedestrian said she had, and that it was just sitting on the sidewalk. The officer took the phone and got it back to the victim. Because the phone had been sitting still for about half an hour beside Farris Road, according to the app, the officer was inclined to believe the pedestrian’s story.

• Theft of property at 1800 block of Bill Lucy Drive. At some point between Oct. 28 and Saturday night a thief or thieves got onto a man’s property and stole his Honda double-bladed lawnmower.

• Theft of property at 2200 block of Independence Avenue. At some point between Thursday morning and Friday evening a thief or thieves got into a man’s carport and stole his Waterloo-brand toolbox and a Stihl weedeater.

• Theft of property at 1900 block of Rich Smith Lane. At some point between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning a thief or thieves got into a enw duplex construction site and stole Hilti cordless drill and battery.

• Found property at 2885 block of Prince Street (Simmons Bank). At some point on Friday somebody left their bag of suspected marijuana in the lobby of Simmons Bank. The suspected dope was taken to CPD to be entered as found property, according to the report.