Life of crime

A police officer and two investigators were at Tractor Supply (the report doesn’t say, but apparently shopping and off duty) Wednesday, May 10 at just after 10 a.m. They had apparently finished up their visit to the store, two crossing the parking lot to their car while one stopped to look at some wares just outside the store’s entrance. Just another day.

One of the two crossing to their car, the reporting officer noted a man walked past them, and he recognized the man, the report stated, as having been in the store a short while earlier. But here the officer noted the man was walking odd. As he considered this, he noted the man had something under his shirt and was walking in such a way so as to keep it under his shirt, both out of site and not slipping from under it. It was apparent, the officer reported, the man was trying to secret something he’d taken from inside the store across the parking lot.

The man with the odd walk was walking toward a pickup parked there. The three officers, as the man got close to the truck, converged there, one showing his badge, so that they might engage the man in conversation, as it were. As they were closing to do this the man took the things (plural) from under his shirt and threw them in the truck. The officer noted her the thrown items included some clothing the man had in his hand when the officer saw him in the store earlier. The officers asked to speak with the man and the man, instead, jumped in the truck.

Per a supplement to the report (with three officer, and more on the way, there were plenty of supplements) the man got in the passenger side, another man already sitting in the driver’s seat. Officers reached in to grab the man, but he instead went further in the truck, kicking at the doors as he did so, determined not to get out and speak with the officers. A wrestling match ensued ("maneuvered to gain tactical advantage," in report-speak) and the man was brought outside the truck and laid down with his hands behind his back. The driver, per the supplement, being told to stay still and not move.

And officer crossed the parking lot to his car, got his handcuffs, returned and put the man in ‘cuffs. As the officers were not equipped for patrol they were not able to reach dispatch. One of the officers, however, had called for another person in the parking lot to call 911 as the wrestling ensued, and a store clerk, hearing this, had done so, telling dispatch what was going on.

The reporting officer found this out as he walked toward the store, suspected-of-being-pilfered goods in hand, and was met by the manager, on the phone. As that wrapped up the officer was able to arrange for security camera footage. Some back and forth with the manager and store personnel revealed that the items in the truck had been taken from the store without being paid for ("stolen," in other words). Meanwhile dispatch called the reporting officer who brought them up to date on the parking low wrestling and related affairs. He found out the stolen goods, a pair of shorts and a set of pocket knives, were worth about $53 and went back to the pickup where the man was being held.

Back at the truck the officer found the other officers found marijuana and methamphetamine on the man, 39, with the funny walk.

A on-duty officer arrived and the man was taken to jail. There, while being booked, he admitted to selling methamphetamine, "but only enough to support his own habit," the report stated, and the man’s charges were updated to show "intent to distribute," along with theft and possession.

That friend

On Thursday, May 11, police were contacted at 2:41 p.m. by a man, by phone, about an incident with his mother. The man gave his report over the phone.

He told the reporting officer that a friend of his mother’s, giving police her name, had taken his mother to the bank a few days ago so his mother could withdraw money from her account. His mother, the man continued, suffered from dementia and he had been given power of attorney. She was currently living in a senior living center - not named in the report.

The man continued that at the bank the pair withdrew $300 from his mother’s account. They then went to a nearby bank and opened a joint account in both their names and deposited $260. The man reiterated that the woman with his mother had no authorization to do such a thing, and at this point his mother remembers none of this, nor possessing the capacity to make a decision such as this.

The man said he’d contacted the woman who took his mother to the bank who said, reportedly, "You don’t have power of attorney over [redacted]." The officer gave the man a report number, and reviewed the steps for him to get a no-contact order between his mother and the other woman, as well as the utility of speaking to the prosecuting attorney’s officer about the matter.

They got the power

Entergy called police Wednesday, May 10 at 10:42 a.m. The officer reporting went to the Entergy site on Oak Street to meet the caller.

There the officer spoke with a man who said an unknown someone had, apparently the night before, cut a hole in the fence at the yard, gotten inside and stolen copper wire.

Photos were taken of the damage and the man was issued a report number.