And things

The report stated "possession of controlled substance / marijuana," but the ultimate finding was far more dire in the Tuesday Sept. 5 report of an event a 1:50 p.m.

The officer stated that he was on patrol when he spotted a car, a white Mustang with blue racing stripes parked in a garage on Mitchell Street. The car, the officer realized, looked just like one he had been involved with recently in a car chase, which had been reported as stolen. The officer stopped to investigate, after being joined by four additional officers.

As they got out and started walking toward the house, the reporting officer wrote, he heard a second officer shout for a man to lay down on the ground. The reporting officer went there and put the man lying there in handcuffs. He then put the man in the back of his car, telling the man he wasn’t under arrest, but was just being held while police sorted things out. He asked the man if he had any contraband and the man admitted to having some marijuana in his pants pocket. This was confiscated, at which point, being contraband and all, the man was put under arrest. The investigation continued.

Police noted the smell of marijuana, as it was reported, coming from the house and called a narcotics investigator. The narcotics investigator, in turn, got a warrant to search the house. Police cleared the house to make sure nobody was there, then turned it over to narcotics investigators.

Meanwhile they checked the car. The VIN showed it was stolen out of Kansas City and a detective was called, who advised the car was to be impounded and held for fingerprints. The reporting officer also called Kansas City police to tell them a missing car had been found.

The report showed the man and two women involved, ages 20 to 24, both for possession of marijuana and stolen property.

Mom’s stuff

Police were called to a home on Lower Ridge Road on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 12:59 p.m. for a reported theft.

The reporting officer arrived, with a second officer, and spoke with the woman of the home. She said some Hydrocodone pills had been stolen from her, 19 in total.

She told police she was on her way to a doctor’s appointment and took two pills from the bottle and put them in her pillow case for use later. The other 17 pills, still in the bottle, she put in her closet then left, locking her bedroom door behind her. When she got back from her appointment she found 19 pills were all missing, two from the pillowcase and the rest from the bottle.

The only people who were home were two men, relations of hers (ages not given). She thought one of them might have taken the pills, she told the officers, and called police to file a report.

One of the officers checked the woman’s room to make sure the pills hadn’t been misplaced.

The police spoke with the two men, who told them of a cousin who had been staying with them, who complained of a sore jaw. He also, they told police "had a problem with pain medicine." He had been there the day before, they said.

They added the woman, their mother and grandmother respectively, had memory loss issues. The officer checked the pill bottle and found it, based on the number of pills which had been prescribed and the number of pills still in the bottle, reflected one pill a day having been used from it.

The woman was given a card with the report number on it.

Happy people

A woman called police Wednesday, Sept. 6 at about 6:30 p.m. about her car being damaged.

She told the reporting officer that she was in her car, a truck really, towing a horse trailer. She was getting ready to turn onto Lower Ridge Road from East German Lane, looked in both directions, then made the turn. As soon as she straightened up on Lower Ridge Road a sports bike (a high performance motorcycle) pulled from just behind her trailer and up next to her.

The motorcycle was riding next to her driver’s door which they were going down Lower Ridge Road, she told the officer, and the rider tried to push her outside mirror forward, all the while screaming and cursing at her. After a couple tries when he wasn’t successful, he instead pulled the mirror back, breaking it and hurting her car (truck).

The motorcycle then sped off, stopped, turned around, and left going the other way, its rider the entire time screaming and cursing at her. She drove to a wide spot in the road and pulled over to call police, she told the officer.