From Conway Police Department reports

Right neighborly

Police were called to an Ash Street home Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. about a burglary there. Police arrived and spoke with the man of the whom, who said sometime between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. that day and man - he gave officers the man’s name - game in his home and took several guns and a cell phone.

Just before 7 p.m. he let his neighbor in his home, the man he named, so the man could use the bathroom. The homeowner explained he would let the man use his bathroom and at times charges his phone, because the water and electricity had been shut off to the man’s apartment.

In this particular case the man came over and asked to use the bathroom, and the homeowner, sitting on his front porch, said that was fine and let him in, then went back to porch-sitting. What he thinks happened, he told the officer, was that the man, instead of using the bathroom, went through the house gathering up guns and the cell phone then handing them out a back window to either an accomplice, or to lay them on the ground there to be recovered later.

A short while after his houseguest left the homeowner realized he’d been robbed and called police.

The reporting officer "quickly," as he put it, found the man named walking down the street near an elementary school. He spoke with him, and the man said he had never been inside the reporting man’s house, that he had none of the listed items with him, that police do not have permission to search his apartment, which is only temporary for a couple nights as his official apartment is in North Little Rock - giving officers that address.

The officer could not find any apartments listed at the address given. He told the man to not return to the first man’s home and let him go.

Missing items in the report were two revolvers and a shotgun, plus the cell phone, for a loss of about $2,600.

People and doors

Police got a call Thursday, Sept. 21 at 15 minutes after midnight about a burglary in progress on Caldwell Street. As police were on the way they got a second call, that the burglar, dressed all in back, had run from the home and through backyards.

Police arrived and spoke with a man at the home. He said he was just staying in the home, his mother’s, with his roommate for a short while until his apartment was ready to move into. That night he was sitting in a chair in the living room and heard the back door going outside open. He turned around and a man, dressed all in black, was standing there, just inside the door.

He told the officer he jumped up and the burglar turned and ran out the door. He chased him until he saw the man jump a fence, then went inside to call police, telling his mother what had happened. He and his friend had checked the neighborhood while his mother called police, but hadn’t spotted anyone, he told the officer.

Police searched the area, also to no avail, the report concluded.

All the scam

A woman came to police Thursday, Sept. 21 just after 4 p.m. about a fraud. An officer completed a report about the woman’s $600 loss.

She told the officer that a friend of hers approached her, with a second woman (both names were given to the officer). The second woman, she was told, had a check she needed to deposit but couldn’t, as she had no ID. The woman was handed a check for $600 that appeared to be legitimate, she told the officer, so she took it to her bank and deposited it, giving the second woman the money. Two days later the bank told her the check was no good and she was charged, along with the $600,. a $15 service fee and a $36 overdraft fee.

She spoke with the second woman when this happened, who told her the money was ready for her at Moneygram, but she couldn’t get to it because she didn’t have an ID and if the woman went there she could get the money. The woman told the officer she went with the woman to a Moneygram in Little Rock and handed over a check the woman handed her, for $800 made out to a woman in Mississippi. This check, it turned out, was also bad and she was assigned another $15 fee.

The woman was advised to file a report with the Little Rock police as well.