From Conway Police Department reports

Is (not)

An officer was, as officers will do, following a black Mustang down East German Lane. It was Friday, Sept. 29 at 10:22 a.m.

As the officer followed, he realized the car’s tags expired back in April. Blue lights it was then, and the Mustang was pulled over at a gas station. He walked up to the car, of course, noting three people in it, the driver and one front seat and one rear seat passenger. The officer got names from all three and called it in, the names being returned with pictures.

The front seat passenger, it turned out, was not who he said he was, he and the picture not matching.

The officer had the driver get out of the car and spoke with her. She was, he noted, nervous, with shaking hands and an unsteady demeanor. She would not, to the officer’s request, consent to the car being searched. A K-9 officer was called in and pending that arrival the passenger with the false ID was "taken into custody" (report-speak for taken from the car and put in handcuffs). During this it was found the man had a warrant out of Pope County.

The dog arrived and sniffed around the car. It’s officer/handler told the reporting officer that he got "a hit" from the dog, giving the officer grounds to search the car, which he did. Inside the car police found a small red container loaded with a white powder. This was taken as evidence to be destroyed at the police department.

The driver and her one passenger were released, the man who gave false ID taken to jail.

Bartleby, the parking lot

A woman called police to Hobby Lobby on Oak Street on Saturday, Sept. 30, at 6:39 p.m. when a woman reported being harassed there. The woman met with the officer when he arrived.

She told the officer about a man who walked up to her car and stood on the driver’s side at the door, watching her through the window. He did not move, just stood there staring, she told the officer. She told the officer she told the man she had a gun but the man just stood there. Then a woman employed by the store came outside and ran the man off, the officer was told. As the officer was speaking with the woman the man who had stood at the window came to the front of the store.

The officer spoke with the man. He said he was hungry and had walked up to the car to ask the woman for some food. He hadn’t stood there long, he told the officer.

The officer went inside and spoke with a store employee. She told him she recognized the man as someone they had run off earlier, maybe a couple hours or so prior. When she saw him outside by the woman’s car she called her manager, who went outside and "told the man he had to leave," the report stated.

At first the man went to another customer’s car, but the manager, again, told him to leave, and this time he did.

The woman with the complaint was given a report number, and the man panhandling was given a criminal trespass warning for Hobby Lobby.

Everybody’s angry

Police were called to a Locust Street address, the address for the Circuit Clerk’s office, regarding harassing communication on Friday, Sept. 29 at 2:44 p.m. When the reporting officer arrived he spoke with a woman who worked there.

She told the officer of a man, a blogger, who had called her, then "had her Email FOI," per the report. The man believed the woman is friends with one of the people he was blogged about "and thinks she is talking about him," the report stated. "He told her," the report continued, "he would take her to court for defamation of character."

He was aggressive when he was speaking with her, the woman told the officer, "and wanted to be on record if he ever tried to do anything to her."

She was given a report number and advised to avoid speaking with the man.

Van, man

It was 3:44 a.m., that dark early hour of Sunday, Oct. 1, when police were called to the intersection of Griffith and Garvin streets. The arriving officer arrived and was met by the man who made the call.

He told the officer of a minivan parked in the road, its driver behind the wheel, asleep.

The officer went to the minivan and yes, there behind the wheel was a man, asleep. He had, in an oft-told turn for dark early hours of Sunday morning, a "strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person." He was hard to wake up, the officer reported.

When he finally woke up, further complexities arose as the man did not speak English very well. With this and all things considered, the man was arrested for public intoxication and taken to jail. The minivan was impounded.

The sun reportedly rose at 7:05 a.m. that day.