From Conway Police Department reports

Bob and weave

Whoever it was, they were drunk. That’s what the caller told police when police were called to the Kum and Go on Dave Ward Drive Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 7:35 p.m.

The officer met the man who called. He said he was driving down the road and found himself following a Nissan Xterra. The SUV was being driven so poorly, he told the officer, that he followed it with his flashers on to warn other cars coming up on them. The SUV was weaving, he said, moving from lane to lane and at times running into curbs before continuing its transit down Dave Ward Drive.

As he watched the SUV pulled into the Kum and Go, did a terrible job of parking by being very crooked in its spot, and the driver, the only person in the machine, got out and stumbled inside the store.

Now a UCA Police officer joined the conversation in the Kum and Go parking lot. He was inside, he told the reporting officer, and a woman came in and was stumbling around inside the store. As they were talking a woman came out of the store and walked toward the Xterra. This was the person they’d seen, both men told the officer.

The officer spoke with the woman, 20, just as she was walking up to the SUV, having to use it, in effect, as a walking stick as she swayed (to an uneven and unheard tune) in the October night. Her eyes were glassy; her speech was slurred, and the odor of intoxicants, they were there.

The officer asked if she was okay. "I’m just trying to get home," she replied (with a slur). Where, the officer asked, had she come from, and while there had she perhaps consumed alcohol? She admitted to having had "a few drinks" earlier that evening at Senor Tequila’s.

The woman, moments later, began sobbing, then crying, telling the officer that she knew there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas because she was there.

With all this in consideration the officer arrested the woman, charging her with public intoxication and taking her to jail. The Xterra was left in the parking lot for her to get after she’d had time to sober up in jail.

In the cups

Police were called to the Starbucks on Oak Street Thursday, Oct. 12 at 3:25 p.m. Something, police were told, had been stolen. The responding officer arrived and spoke with the store manager.

Four coffee mugs, she told the officer, had been stolen. She was told by a clerk that two women came into the store and went straight to the restroom. Then they left. After a few moments, however, one of the women reentered the store, only now she was carrying a large purse. This same woman then suddenly walked out.

A inventory was done and four cups were found missing, then the police called. The total loss was valued at $54.85, the most expensive cup of the grabbed goblets at $22.95.

A report number was issued.

To be uncool

"Mischief," they call it, "criminal mischief" in total, as police were called to the Pizza Inn on Hogan Lane on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 10:28 a.m. The officer arrived and spoke with the person who called it in.

The woman said as early as the previous Friday they noticed the air conditioning at the business wasn’t cooling as well as it should. They climbed up on the roof to check on the air conditioners to see what was going on when they found the problem. One of the units had the wires running to it cut and had frozen up. A repair service was called, and the bill to fix the damage was $438.79. The officer was shown a copy of the receipt.

The same thing had happened about three months earlier, the woman told the officer, and thought someone might be intentionally "messing with them" at the restaurant.

She was given a report number.