Van go

A Chevy van was stopped by police Thursday, Oct. 12, at 2:47 p.m. It had, the officer noted, an improper turn signal.

Two officers walked up on either side of the van, each noting the driver and his passenger were acting nervous. The reporting officer, having arrived on the driver’s side, noted the driver was "anxious." Meanwhile on the right side the officer walked up (his work as a supplement to the driver-side officer’s report) and spoke with the man sitting there. That man was also acting nervous, and breathing heavily, he reported.

The driver’s side officer got the driver’s ID. The passenger side officer, but that man "refused to identify himself." The officer thought he recognized the man, as did the driver side officer, and called his name in. The man, as suspected, had outstanding warrants, listed in the report as "probation revocation." He was promptly cuffed and stuffed.

A faint odor of marijuana, reportedly, was coming from the van. The first officer checked with the driver and got permission to search it. By where the passenger had been sitting police found a yellow pill, and where the driver had been sitting was loose bits of marijuana. Hence the driver was taken into custody, he also cuffed and stuffed.

The pill was determined to be a medicine used to treat anxiety, a Schedule IV narcotic.

Both men were taken to jail and cited.

(Interestingly, hand signals used to show turning or lane changing, or when pointed down for slowing, remain legal in Arkansas. The signal must be given, per state code, 100 feet before the action, such as a turn. Some states, such as Indiana, require a 200 foot distance to signal intent.)

Wired to the max

A west Conway home, or rather a home under construction, was recently the site of vandalism per a report filed Thursday, Oct. 12. The police were called at 11:18 a.m. by a man building the home. The officer arrived and spoke with him.

The man said they were building the house and, at some point during the night, someone had cut the wiring for the house. He thought it was being done as a form of spite, the man told the officer, as the same wiring had been cut once before in much the same circumstance, but not reported.

Nothing else was vandalized or taken, the man told the reporting officer. He was issued a report number.