Formal charges were filed Monday afternoon against a 31-year-old Conway woman who allegedly attempted to suffocate her 7-month-old child.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Shannon Heather’s husband was asleep while she was watching the infant child along with her 10-year-old son on Sept. 22. The 10-year-old boy was in the room with his baby brother and mother when the incident in question occurred.

The boy told police his mother put a blanket over the infant’s face and that he tried to help his baby brother.

"He said he was worried about [his infant brother]," the responding officer wrote in her report. "He said he started tugging on [the infant’s] legs and on the blanket, trying to get his mom to stop and to let [his baby brother] go."

The boy’s father said he called police because he didn’t know what to do about the incident.

He told police "Shannon had not been acting normal lately and that she had a history of taking drugs and alcohol and having bizarre behavior when using them," according to the report.

Paul said he was asleep at the time of the alleged incident, noting he had to work the next day. He said he got up to check on the baby when he noticed the baby’s cries became muffled.

"He said he heard the baby crying, but that he was not worried about it much because his wife, Shannon, was with the kids," the officer wrote in her report. "He said after a while he continued to hear [the baby] cry, so he went to see what was going on. He said he had noticed that [the infant’s] cries had become muffled and sounded quieter. He said he walked into the living room and saw Shannon on the floor with [the baby]."

According to the report, Heather had a blanket wrapped around the 7-month-old child’s face.

He described the scene as something "you wold see a mobster do on tv," according to the officer’s report.

As Heather’s husband called police to notify authorities of the incident, she reportedly left the home at 211 Club Lane.

Police later located her at the intersection of College and Augusta avenues.

"Do you ever get to feeling so bad that you want to kill yourself?" she asked one of the officers.

Officers asked Heather if she was under the influence of any intoxicants or medications.

Heather said she had taken Cymbalta, a medication she is prescribed to to treat Fibromyalgia. She also admitted to drinking a bottle of "cooking wine," according to the report.

Heather has been held in the county jail in lieu of a $250,000 since her Sept. 22 arrest on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder.

She is set to appear next in Faulkner County Circuit Court at 9 a.m. Nov. 6.