From Conway Police Department reports

Oktoberfest it is then

Saturday, Oct. 21, was just starting when police got a call about a drunk man ("intoxicated person") at the Mapco Express on Dave Ward Drive. As the officer was enroute he was given a description of the intoxicated, including what he was wearing.

The officer pulled up and the man as described was at the counter with the clerk. As the officer pulled up the man spotted him and walked toward him. As he walked toward him, the officer noted the man was doing a not-great job of walking, stumbling over his feet as he was, and having to extend his arms out to keep his balance. He, with slurred speech, told the officer he hadn’t threatened or hurt anyone. He gave the officer his name and that he was 70 years old.

To the officer’s question he said he was not intoxicated, that he had only had one large beer earlier in the evening. To demonstrate the size of the large beer the man held his hands apart, which the officer estimated to be a two-foot gap.

He had no ID, he told the officer, having lost it in Ohio. He’d gotten to the store by his nephew dropping him off, he explained.

The officer went inside to speak with the clerk, who told him he saw the man drive up, and was scared he was going to drive off. Meanwhile the man was inside the store talking to customers and roaming about, and it was here the clerk decided a 911 call was a good idea. Here the man walked back inside the store and said the clerk had harassed him.

So yeah, out came the handcuffs. The man was taken downtown, given a citation for public intoxication and turned over to jail staff. As his car was on private property it was left where it was, the officer reported.

Dog games

Police were called to an address on Prince Street Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 11:52 a.m. There they met a man from Texas who said he was the victim of a fraud.

The man said his wife had purchased a puppy from a man via an online transaction, agreeing upon a $500 price. She wired the man $500. She was then contacted and said if she wanted the dog, there was a $2,000 fee to deliver it. Instead he and his wife told the man they would drive to Arkansas and pick up the dog. They were given an address.

They drove from their Austin suburb address to the address given, only to find it was a post office in Little Rock. They checked further, and the address the man had on the sales contract was for an abandoned Little Rock home.

The money had been wired to the Prince Street address and they went there, the man told the officer, standing at the address, in the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The officer told the man to contact his home police department to file a report, since the money had been wired from there. The man said he would, and that he had already filed a report with the Little Rock police.

The officer also issued the man a report number for Conway, telling the man he could expect a follow up as the investigation continued.

Officially, that guy

It was 11:25 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21, when an officer on patrol spotted an SUV in the area of Clifton and Tyler streets with a license plate light which wasn’t working. The officer pulled out behind it and the SUV, a 2005 Trailblazer, turned down Davis Street, then pulled into a driveway.

As the officer passed, he saw the SUV’s reverse lights come on. As he continued watching it pulled back out onto Tyler, then drove off in the opposite direction. The officer turned around and got back behind the machine. As he did so the Trailblazer (as it were) pulled to a stop in front of a duplex on Tyler. The officer went blue lights and stepped out to speak to the driver.

As the officer stepped up he realized the driver had a passenger with him. The officer asked the driver for his paperwork, which was handed over, then asked the passenger for ID. The passenger said he didn’t have any, but gave a name and birthdate. The officer went back to the rear of the SUV to call both men in to dispatch for a records check.

As he did so, the officer reported, he heard a slam. The sound was from the door, as the passenger had just jumped out and was running away. Then he heard another crash sound from around the duplex. The officer called it in and a second officer in the area started looking for the man who had run off.

The officer, meanwhile, returned his attention to the driver. He told the officer he didn’t know the passenger very well, he was the friend of a friend and he was just giving him a ride. He only knew the man by his first name, which he gave the officer. The officer asked and the man agreed to be searched, nothing was found, nor was anything found when the SUV was searched.

Police arranged to search the duplex, but the missing man was not found there.