From Conway Police Department reports

Life of crime

A stolen car and drugs were the add-on reports after police received a shoplifting complaint Friday, Oct. 27 at 11:03 p.m.

Initially police received a call from Academy Sports that a pair in the store had been caught shoplifting. As the reporting officer was en route, a second call came that the pair had both left the store and sped off in a Chevy Tahoe. With a description of the Tahoe, dispatch reported it matched the description of a Tahoe which had been stolen earlier that day.

A second officer was able to stop the Tahoe (more from him in a minute) while the reporting officer went to the store to speak with the person who made the original call. There he met with a store manager. The manager told him of a man and woman who entered the store and who were, as staff watched, taking clothes off the racks and hiding them under their own clothes. As he watched the woman, 28, moved to leave the store, setting off the security alarms. He met the woman at the front door, the manager told the officer, and accused her of stealing. The woman, to this, handed over a pair of flip-flops and said it was actually the man she was with who was stealing.

Meanwhile employees noticed the man, 29, had "ditched" the items he was carrying in a store aisle and was walking toward the door. The two left the store, despite the manager telling them they had to stay and speak with police. They got in a gray Tahoe and drove off, quickly, the manager taking photos of them and of the Tahoe, including its license plate, as they did so, using his camera phone.

As this phase of the investigation was being wrapped up, an officer arrived who had been where the Tahoe had been pulled over. He had a pair of women’s work-out shorts taken from the SUV, the store security tag still on them.

Meanwhile a series of supplements was attached regarding pulling over the Tahoe and the interaction between police and the man and woman.

An officer spotted the Tahoe leaving the store and pulled it over. For a few brief moments, there was some question if the Tahoe was going to pull over or keep going, and a second officer was on the road ahead of it getting ready to deploy spike strips when it was pulled over.

Once pulled over, police confirmed it was stolen. The driver, the man, said it had been dropped off at his home late last night or early that morning by someone, and he had been told he could use it to run errands.

He was arrested. Police searched the Tahoe and found, other than the pair of shorts, a syringe on the driver’s floorboard with a clear liquid in it, and a .380 pistol magazine, loaded, in the console cup holder. The driver had a suspended license.

The woman was also arrested ("taken into custody," in report-speak) for the trip downtown.

The woman was charged with shoplifting, the man with driving on a suspended, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. The man and woman had the same last name, but the report did not indicate their relationship. They had separate addresses.

The owner of the 2002 Tahoe, valued at $5,500, was called, and asked that it be impounded and that he would pick it up in the morning.

Authority figures

Two officers were working the Kum & Go on Dave Ward Drive at 2:27 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29. They were there due to a loitering call, apparently related to the UCA homecoming. When police were called, so many cars were in the parking lot, approximately 50 per the report, that no traffic was moving. Officers blocked the lot from any other cars entering, and proceeded to direct traffic out of the lot.

The reporting officer was directing cars to turn out north on Donaghey, again, done in the interest of getting the lot clear and traffic moving. While doing so, he reported, a woman pulled up in her white SUV and stopped, saying she didn’t want to go north, she wanted to go south. She had no choice and had to go north, the officer told her, and she had to get moving as she was blocking traffic.

With that, the woman pulled around the officer and turned south, shouting something unintelligible to the officer as she did so. This, in turn, got her stuck in the heavy traffic at the stoplight there. With that, the woman got out of the SUV and began to shout "[slang term for the procreative act] 12" over and over.

(This "[slang term]-12" expression is, according to a quick Internet search, called out to show one’s dislike of police officers. The "12" is the popular abbreviation for "police" in such slang.)

The officer took a break from directing traffic to walk over and tell the woman she was under arrest, walking her over to the sidewalk. A call was made for a tow to take the SUV to impound. She was taken to the jail and charged with careless/prohibited driving and disorderly conduct.