Man of regard

It was early Sunday morning, minutes before 5 a.m., when police got a call Nov. 5 about a problem at the Kum and Go on Dave Ward Drive, a man was making harassing communications there. On the way, the responding officer was updated that the same man was making the same sort of harassment - amounting to rude phone calls - to Conway Dispatch, Faulkner County Dispatch and UCA Dispatch.

The officer arrived at the store and spoke with a woman working there who had informed police of the incident. She said a man came into the store earlier that night and, while doing so, tried to bring his bicycle inside with him. She politely, she told the officer, told the man he could not bring his bike in the store.

The man got upset, "cursing and causing problems inside the store" and the woman told him to leave. He left.

Within a few minutes of his leaving the phone at the store started ringing. It was the same man, calling, harassing the woman "about their store policies and continuing to be verbally abusive." As this was being disclosed to the officer the phone rang and a the woman answered, explaining to the caller - as the officer watched - that store policies prevented a bicycle being brought inside, then adding it was none of his business what time she got off work. With this she handed the officer the phone, telling him it was the man who’d been calling and harassing about the bicycle thing.

The officer spoke with the man, telling him who he was and was told by the man "I was treated unfairly and want the clerk to be fired." The officer noted here, based on his years of experience, that the man’s slurred speech indicated he might very well be drunk ("intoxicated" in report-speak). As they spoke the officer heard dogs barking and asked the man where he was. He was at home, the man said, giving his address, on Caldwell.

The officer got in his car and drove over to Caldwell, being flagged down by a man there who said, as the officer stopped, "Here I am." The officer, confirming it was, in fact the man he’d been speaking with, stopped and spoke with him. The "strong odor of intoxicants" was noted. The officer asked the man, 32, if he had been drinking. The man shouted back, despite the officer being right there and at the same time using an obscene phrase for emphasis, that he had not been drinking enough.

This was loud enough to bring neighbors to their window to see what the commotion was about. It was shortly after 5 a.m., Sunday morning.

The reporting officer had an officer stand by with the man while he knocked on the door of the man’s home. A woman answered. She said the 32 year old man was her husband and she was not, she told the officers, "surprised." Her husband had been up all night drinking and riding his bicycle, she told the officer. She told the officer, using a vulgar term that she did not have time for the man’s behavior, which due to alcohol was so dire that she had to take their son to her father’s house so she could go to her job.

The officer returned and arrested the man, charging him with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He was jailed.

Kum and Go management was advised of the warrant process.

Angel of the morning

Just a couple minutes from 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 5 when police were called to the VFW on Old Morrilton Highway. There was, dispatch told the officer, a fight underway and about 12 people were involved in it. It was a verbal argument, police were told, and had not yet turned physical.

As the reporting officer arrived he was flagged down by a woman. The woman, 30, told the officer the man she had been arguing with was trying to leave, and was in a black SUV. The officer met with the car and had it pull back in while he investigated the situation at hand. As other officers arrived he had one officer stand by with the SUV.

Attention returned to the woman, who was both drunk ("intoxicated") and "very animated" as the officer spoke with her. She told the officer she was there with a man, giving his name, who was the ex of a second man’s mother. Her and the second man, she told the officer, "had words" inside the club which she brushed off and tried to ignore. As she and the man she was with were trying to leave, however, the second man got in her companion’s face. When this happened she got between the two, she said, hoping to, in the report’s words, "deter a confrontation."

With this the second man pushed her out of the way and kept yelling at her companion, now yelling at her as well, going so far as to threaten to kill the woman’s companion. (The companion told the officer he wasn’t worried, and thought the second man might have mental health stability issues.)

The woman insisted the officer arrest the second man for his public offense, during her intoxicated (but not intoxicating) 2 a.m. presentation in the VFW parking lot. He could not, the officer explained, since he did not see the offense taking place.

Meanwhile a second officer spoke with the second man, reporting that man denied having done anything the woman was charging him with having done.

The reporting officer gave the woman a voluntary statement form, and encouraged her to fill it out, after she was sober. He put a case number on the form. The woman said she was not happy with the way this was being handled, and was going to call a police detective she named the next day.

Then she took a seat in the car she was preparing to leaving in (not as a driver).