From Conway Police Department reports

Bagged and tagged

A car was stalled, police were told, at the corner of Hogan and Irby. It was Monday, Nov. 13 just before 2 p.m. The car which was stalled, police were told, was involved in a possible hit and run at Tyler and (the ironically named) Freedom.

The officer arrived and there was the car, a black Impala. Its license plate was the same as the black car identified in the earlier hit and run. Adding to this, the front of the car was damaged, the officer reported.

At the wheel was a man, unconscious, "but was breathing," the report stated. An ambulance was called. The officer tried to wake the man, but no. A second officer tried to wake the man, but no again. Both tried several times. The officer looked and in the back seat of the car was a two prescription bags from a pharmacy, one bag for Hydrocodone (a pain medication) and one for Cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxant). Both, by the attached receipt, had been bought the day before.

The ambulance crew arrived, and also were unable to wake the 22 year old driver. They took him to the hospital. The car was towed.

The reporting officer gained a search warrant, then went to the hospital and requested a blood draw from the driver. This was placed in evidence.

Pending the blood test’s return, the driver will be charged with DUI and Hit and Run, the report concluded.

Home with Damocles

Tuesday, Nov. 14 at five minutes after 3 a.m. and police were called to an apartment on Washington Avenue. A fight was going on there, police were told, with two men arguing loudly. While the fight was not yet physical it had to potential to be so quickly. The caller added that one of the men had a knife.

The reporting officer arrived and met with the arguing pair. First things first, he separated the two, having one come out front of the apartment to speak with him, choosing the man with the knife to be that man.

Speaking with the man the officer was told the man was inside in the apartment, with his roommate, working on a project with his knife. As he was doing so his roommate began arguing that he was owed money for the light bill. The argument became more heated and the roommate "got in his face," he told the officer. When this happened he laid his knife down and pushed his roommate back, he said.

Other officers arrived. The reporting officer left the man out front with those officers and went inside to speak with the second man, the roommate.

The second man agreed they had been arguing about money. The argument began, he said, when the first man - currently out front of the apartment with other officers - moved to leave the apartment, and had the case on his to pay his share of the light bill. Things, he told the officer, got heated. As this escalated the first man said to him, "I’ve got a knife and I know how to use it," he told the officer. The man then pushed him back, while holding the knife.

A third man was there. He told the officer he had seen the entire event, and agreed with the second man’s version, that he had been pushed after having been threatened with a knife.

The officer, with each interview, checked the interviewee’s IDs. In checking the ID of the third man he found that man had a warrant outstanding with Conway Police. One of the other officers took that man into custody.

Meanwhile the first man, the man who had the knife, was taken into custody and loaded up for the trip downtown. He was jailed and a bond set. The knife was entered into evidence.

Not clear on the concept

Police were called to the Stacy Motel on the Old Morrilton Highway due to, they were told, trespassing. The reporting officer arrived and spoke with the Motel’s owner. It was Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 11:17 a.m.

The owner told the officer about a customer how was creating a problem. The man had arrived on Saturday, Nov. 11, at 5 a.m. and booked a room for two days. On Monday, Nov. 13, they spoke with the man and said the man needed to pay if he was going to stay an additional night. With this, the owner told the officer, the man became argumentative, telling the owner he still had a night left on his lease.

He couldn’t get the man to leave, and he couldn’t get the man to pay for any further nights, the owner told the officer. This reached its peak when he called the man that morning, telling him he had to check out, and the man became argumentative again, saying he still had the lease on the room and no more money was needed. That’s when he called the police, he told the officer.

The officer went to the man’s room to speak with him. He told the man his lease was up, and had been up and the man disagreed, loudly. The officer had to ask the man to lower his voice. Then he started complaining to the officer that the real issue was his sandwich had been stolen after he left it in the office. The officer explained these were two separate issues, and he could make a report on the sandwich, but still the man had to leave.

The man asked if the name tag the officer was wearing was accurate. When told it was, he told the officer he didn’t believe him and wanted his badge number as well.

The man, 33, continued to argue that he didn’t need to check out. The officer went to the office with the man, got a copy of the man’s check-in receipt and showed it to him, confirming the man was, in fact, overstaying. With this the man began to loudly argue with the motel owner and the officer had to have him step outside and lower his voice. The officer then joined him, said it was time to move out and walked the man back so he could get his things from the room.

The man, with his things, told the officer he didn’t have the room key. The officer searched him and found the key in the man’s back pocket. The officer then told the man he had to leave the property and he would take a report for the sandwich theft. The owner said he wanted the man trespassed from the property, so the officer went to his car and began that process.

As he was doing so he saw the man walking away, past a second officer, his sergeant, who had arrived to assist. When he glanced again he was the sergeant was reaching for his handcuffs and taking the man to the ground. The officer got out of his car and ran back to help the sergeant as they got the man in handcuffs.

The man was taken to jail, refusal to submit and disorderly conduct his charges. There he was also given a trespass warning for the motel.