From Conway Police Department reports

Pump station

Just after dark, at 5:36 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13, when an officer got the call. There was an accident at the CITGO station on Morningside Drive. The officer arrived and was pointed to a man by people there who had been "victims of the accident," per the report. (The specifics of the accident were part of a separate report.)

The officer noted the 60 year old man pointed out was slow-moving, tended to sway and had slurred speech, as well as pinpoint pupils, despite it being after dark. As the man stepped toward the officer he stumbled and had to use a second officer’s nearby police car to steady himself.

A witness told the officer the man pulled into the station, hit a parked car, hit a second parked car, then jackknifed his pickup against the trailer he was towing.

The officer arrested him. The man was taken downtown for the field sobriety test due to the amount of traffic in and around the gas station. The result of that test, as well as the results of the breath test, were made in a separate report.

An investigator was called who evaluated the man. The specifics of the evaluation were not included in the report, but the man was booked for DWI-drugs, the report showing this to be his second DWI charge.

A mean drunk

Police were called to an apartment complex very early Wednesday morning, at 1:18 a.m. Nov. 15, when a man was spotted going through cars in the parking lot. The caller gave a description of the man, including what he was wearing. Officers converged on the complex.

The reporting officer arrived and spotted a man who matched the description apparently trying to hide behind a brick column between himself and the officer. The officer got out to check on the man, noting here that as he did so the man pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and held it up as if he was talking on it. The man turned to walk away and almost fell down, the officer reported.

The officer spoke with the 56 year old man. There was an odor of intoxicants; there was bloodshot and watery eyes. After the introductions, the man told the officer he was on his way home to a nearby mobile home community, having just been visiting his girlfriend in the apartments. The officer pointed out the mobile home community was in the opposite direction the man was walking. Then, to further questions, the man couldn’t recall his girlfriend’s name, or what apartment was hers. He did point in the direction of her apartment, which was toward the area where the caller had seen a man going through cars.

The officer called in the man’s ID and found he had no warrants, but did, however, have a search waiver on file. He had the man put his hands on the patrol car. The man didn’t want to do so. The officer told him to do so, again, and now the man complied. He was searched. The officer found a car registration, "… five flashlights, three phone chargers, two cell phones, and one half empty bottle T.W. Samuels Kentucky blended whiskey."

It was all his, the man said, the registration belong to a friend of his.

Two officers, one a sergeant, said they were going to check the area for signs of cars which had been pilfered. After they left, the man turned to the reporting officer and said he wanted to speak to the officer’s "[redacted] boss." The officer replied his sergeant would be back shortly. The man replied he was not "[redacted] waiting on him." When the officer told the man, again,there would be a wait for the sergeant’s return the man became all-the-more upset, comparing the situation to oats after a bull was done with them.

The officer put the man in handcuffs and in the back of his patrol car. On the way in, the man kicked the inside of the car’s door, telling the officer he wanted "to earn it."

The other two officers returned. They had found one car they suspected of having been pilfered, but were not able to raise its owner. The owner of the car for the registration found in the man’s pocket was not on file with dispatch either.

As the man was being taken to jail he kicked the inside of the car, was well as making vile and obscene threats to the officer driving. At the jail he refused to sit for mugshots or sign his citation, nor, for that matter, answering any questions, telling the officer it was "none of his [redacted] business."


Police were called to a bank Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 11:15 a.m. (Meaning it was 11:15 on 11/15 - I know, right?) A bank manager there wanted to report a fraud.

The manager told the officer of a woman - giving the officer the name - who came into the bank in August and deposited two checks, one for $853 and one for $720 from two separate banks, all the accounts being in her name.

She did not, it turned out, have the money in those accounts to cover the checks.

The manager told the officer the woman is making a lot of fraudulent transactions with a potential loss of $7,472, with only two of the transactions taking place in Conway, the rest in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Maumelle.