From Conway Police Department reports

Date night

It was Friday night, Nov. 17, just after 8 p.m. when police got the call. There had been, the responding officer was told, a burglary, then given the address of a apartment on South Salem Road. The officer arrived and met with the man who made the call, the tenant of the apartment in question.

The man told the officer he was locked out. The front door’s top lock was locked, he told the officer, and that could only be done by somebody inside the apartment. The officer had the man walk him to the apartment and another officer would meet them there. As they began the walk, the officer reported, the man’s story changed, that is some details, originally left out, were now included.

He had met a woman in Little Rock and brought her to the apartment, the man told the officer. While there the woman began "acting strange" and he left. Later, when he came back, the door was locked. She may have been taking drugs, he told the officer. Both officers knocked on the door, but there was no answer. A call was made for building maintenance to join them.

More knocking, still no response, and a small sledge hammer was brought into play. The maintenance man gave it a couple swipes to no avail, and handed it to one of the officers. That officer took a swing and the door gave way. Police were now able to enter the apartment.

Inside the apartment, inside a closet, they found a woman, sleeping. The second officer woke her and told her it was time for her to leave. Meanwhile the reporting officer checked the rest of the apartment (a standard procedure, called "clearing" in report-speak) and found, of all things, a small baggie with what was apparently marijuana on a bed stand, and next to it a grinder, used to prepare marijuana for smoking. The officer reported not being surprised by this, as the smell of marijuana was in the air as they entered the apartment.

The officer asked the man about the marijuana, and the man, stating he was willing to be a man about it, admitted that the marijuana was his. Out came the handcuffs and the man, cuffed, was seated on the couch.

Meanwhile the woman wasn’t moving. The officer told her the man of the home was being arrested and the woman told him to arrest her, that she wasn’t leaving. The public servant complied with her request.

Both were taken to the jail; the marijuana and related was processed as evidence.

Not fake at all

It was, as it is so often in this space, Saturday, early Saturday, Nov. 18 at 2 a.m. Police were called to the IHOP on the Old Morrilton Highway as there was a man there "that attempted to expose himself." County deputies were already there, police were told.

The reporting officer arrived and spoke with the manager there. She said the man in question had recently taken a job at the restaurant. That day he had come in yelling about "homeless people behind the restaurant," then, "and unbuttoned his shirt exposing his bare chest." At this point he was escorted outside, she told the officer.

She told the officer she did not have the authority to criminally trespass anyone from the business, but did want the man, and the two people there with him, "gone for the night."

The officer stepped outside and spoke with the man, telling him of the manager’s desire for his leaving. They agreed to leave and the officer went back in to speak with the manager. There he was told an employee wanted to speak with him about the man.

The employee told the officer that she had begun calling the man "The Undertaker" after a wrestling character on television, due to his size and resemblance. At one point he had grabbed her by the throat, she told the officer, apparently mimicking initiation of the character’s signature "choke slam" move and it scared her. Since then she had avoided working with the man.

Arrangements were made for police to get copies of security camera footage, and the manager said she would speak with her supervisor in the morning about the incidents.

Sad car

Thursday, Thanksgiving a week away that Nov. 16 at 8:43 p.m., when an officer on patrol found himself behind a red Mustang (car not horse) at the Harkrider and Bruce street intersection. The car’s license plate light was out, then it made a turn without signaling. Blue lights were brought to the fore and the car was pulled over.

The officer, as is the custom, stepped up to speak with the driver, the only person in the car. She was, the officer reported, "obviously nervous." A second officer arrived and the reporting officer took the woman’s paperwork back to his car to call it in. While doing so the second officer told him of spotting a clear plastic baggie "with residue" in the back of the car - in plain view.

The officer returned to speak with the driver, 20, telling her about the importance of having a working license plate light, noting the woman acting nervous. He told her she wasn’t going to get a ticket for the turn signal thing, but the woman didn’t calm down.

The officer asked if he could search the car. "Go ahead," was the reply. In the console were two glass pipes, residue within, presumably from marijuana. The woman was read her rights, asked, and pointed the officer to a pill bottle, also in the console. Pills were in the bottle, along with the remnants of a marijuana cigarette.

The items were confiscated, although the woman was not arrested, due to her cooperating and absence of criminal history. She could, however, be charged in the next 12 months, the report stated.