Greenbrier Middle School announced its Students of the Year for 2016-2017 at the end of the school year.

The school’s website said that staff members continually watch for characteristics, choices, actions, attitudes, work ethic and communication that are the highest of examples of GMS PRIDE (perseverance, respect, integrity, dependability, and empowerment) in order to make the best nominations.

"Many, many congratulations to Presley, Erin, Emma and Cooper for being given this honor," the website stated.

GMS’s website stated that Presley was a well-rounded student, kind to everyone and a perfect example of what GMS wants in a student.

"She excels both in and out of the classroom," the website stated. "She is a phenomenal student and athlete. Presley always has her work finished and turned in on time and comes to class with a smile on her face. She is well mannered and and joy to be around. Presley greatly resembles our PRIDE standards in everything she does. She always responds with yes sir/ma’am and no sir/ma’am while being respectful and kind to everyone around her."

The website said that the students leads by example and works vigorously, doing her best in any tasks she engages in and these qualities have been seen in the classroom, hallways and athletics.

"An extremely hard worker, she excels in all areas of school," the website said. "Presley is a model student or example of what we would like a GMS student to be. She shows all areas of PRIDE all the time. Presley is the type of kid you hope your own kid grows up to be like."

The website stated that Erin was well deserving of the award because she naturally embodies the PRIDE, leadership, work ethic, social skills and balances all that with her extracurricular activities.

"She works hard and also wants to make sure others are taken care of as well," the website stated. "Erin empowers other students, goes above and beyond in the classroom to be respectful and helpful, and is consistently dependable. She has worked extremely hard to balance athletics and school work. Erin is one of the most dedicated students. She always has her work and is concerned if she has the material if she misses a day. She works great with all, students and adults. She makes sure that all those around her feels wonderful."

GMS described Emma as a mature young lady who is well- rounded and sets an excellent example of our PRIDE characteristics, always being respectful and willing to do whatever it takes … natural student leader.

"She is some teachers’s number one go-to student for everything because she is always looking for a way to help out, whether it is to help a student out or help our school out," the website stated. "She is active with ACS and was very active with setting up our Arkansas Diamond Schools to Watch Celebration. Emma is always supporting students in class and helping teachers out. We know Emma will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to."

Chapman, the website said, is one of the kindest kids GMS staff has ever met, always doing what is right and respectful.

"He is hardworking and kind to others," the website stated. "Chapman has really embraced the middle school life and has gained a lot of friends this year! He is becoming so outgoing and is always smiling. He shows pride in all he does. We are so proud of him as a student, but even more proud of him as a person."