Eight people have filed to run for nine open school board seats within Faulkner County.

To get on the ballot, school board candidates — who are required to be U.S. citizens and residents of the school district — had to file nomination paperwork, which included a petition with signatures from at least 20 registered voters in the school district, with the county clerk by noon Tuesday.

Of all the open seats, the Conway Board of Education’s Position 4 seat is the only one that has opposition — Amy Ferdowsian and Ron Hill are vying for the spot.

Carl Barger, the 72-year-old current president of the Conway School Board, decided 10 years was enough and chose not to run again.

"There’s a lot of things I got going on," he said. "Just a lot of things I’ve added to take away time that I’ve been doing school board."

Barger said he’ll miss the people he’s come to know being on the board, but he can be supportive in a lot of other ways.

For Ferdowsian, running for Barger’s open position was due to how much she values the public school system and wants to maintain the "excellent manner" in which it prepares students to be productive citizens.

"I am invested in our school system as a parent of current Conway students and as a former Conway student from elementary school to graduation," she said. "I feel that my teaching experience and Masters in Education gives me the tools I need to serve in this position."

Ferdowsian said if elected, she will value input from everyone involved in the schools.

"I would appreciate the opportunity to serve in this role," she said.

Ron Hill said he is starting his 49th year working with and coaching the youth in Conway.

"I have dealt with kids for a long time and I think I can help kids," he said.

Hill, who has run for open school board positions before, said he is fairly well known in the community but it all comes down to getting people out to vote.

Overall, he said, this is a good opportunity.

All other open positions have just one person who filed.

Randy Goodnight is running unopposed for the Position 3 seat in Greenbrier School District; Sherilee Holland is running unopposed for the Position 4 seat in Mayflower School District; Josh Davis is running unopposed for Zone 4 in Mt. Vernon-Enola School District; and Shannon Lasley unopposed for Zone 1, Ken Charles is running unopposed for Position 4 in Vilonia School District and Brian Lane unopposed for Position 6.

The Guy-Perkins School District has nobody running for the open Zone 3 and Zone 5 positions.

Officials from the Faulkner County Clerk’s office said the filings were not certified but the election commission would be meeting at 4 p.m. Friday to certify them.

The annual school election will be held Sept. 19, 2017. Voters must be registered by Aug. 21 to vote in this election.